Thursday, February 26, 2009

TMI Thursday

Be warned. I am about to divulge too much information. Skip to the end for the recipe(Banana Muffins) if you don't think you can handle it. No it isn't graphic. But it is funny.

Big Daddy D and I are mostly morning people when it comes to our intimate relations. And this morning was no exception. After some coffee and cyber jabs concerning some FB smart assedness last night(yes we are the people who IM when we are in the same room-some things you just can't say in front of your kids ;), Big Daddy D went to shower. After setting up Baby with snacks and a drink I followed him and locked the door behind me.

And then we broke the bed.
It is broken.
Involuntary position adjustment.
Groans and giggles.
Don't stop cause it's getting good.
Really good.
Lets check.
Yep, it's really broken.
Irreparable this time.
Yes, we have broken the bed before.
And the one before this one too.
And one in China.
Always the same way.
Maybe we should just put the mattress on the floor for good.
Save a little money.
Nah, where's the fun it that?
And let me just say that my moisturizer didn't work like I hoped it would on beard burn.

Banana Muffins

Preheat oven to 350 degrees

In one bowl:

Mash 4-5 really ripe, all brown, but not quite gross yet, bananas


2 eggs
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup vegetable oil(normally I would use butter but have found the muffins are more moist with oil-besides, I slather on the butter when I eat these anyway!)
1/2 cup chopped nuts(though in truth Big Girl does not like nuts so I leave them out, hence no "nut" in the title ;)

Stir like crazy til well combined(at least that is what Baby does and it seems to work)

In another bowl combine:

2 cups whole wheat flour-all purpose will be fine too
1 1/2 tsp baking powder(because I worry about it, I use the kind w/out aluminum)
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp kosher salt(it's the only kind I have aside from big grey salt-if you use fine salt cut to 1/4 tsp please)
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/8-1/4 tsp fresh grated nutmeg-if you don't have fresh DO NOT USE THE PREGROUND STUFF! I MEAN IT! It is so not the same. You can find whole nutmeg where the little plastic bags of herbs are sold-usually in produce and usually for less than $2 (on the spice aisle expect to pay double) And they will last-so just do it!

Dump the banana mixture into the flour mixture and stir til just combined-it will be lumpy, stop stirring already!

Set your bowl aside and get your muffin tins ready by spraying them with cooking spray.
My tins are old inherited things and are definitely not the jumbo size. I also have a couple of mini muffin tins. This recipe makes either 12 regular size muffins and 12 mini muffins, or 24 mini muffins and 8 regular size muffins.

Your batter will be rested by now(yes, this important!) so...

Fill your muffin tins no more than 2/3s full and put in the oven.

The mini muffin tin goes on the bottom rack for just 12 minutes! Don't forget!
The 2 regular size tins go on the middle rack for 20-23 minutes(I like mine crispy and so go for the longer time but some people don't so...)

By the time you have eaten all the mini muffins the bigger ones will be done. Just take those out of the tin(s) and let cool on a cooling rack then bag 'em up and throw them in the freezer for later.


Nej said...

Broke the bed, eh?


(shaking my head, and giggling)

I love it!!

In college, there was a guy in all my classes. We befriended each other, and were inseparable at school. If someone saw one of us, they knew the other wasn't far away.

He was a retired naval officer...going back to school. He was also a Pillsbury Bake-Off Winner.

He'd bring in wonderful creations almost every day. One day, banana bread - two loaves of it.

I asked him why 2, and he said "Well, I didn't know if you liked you bread female or male, so I made both."

P.S. I'm a no nuts (female) banana bread gal. :-)

Brook said...

I love me some nuts...heh heh.
Seriously, I love nuts in breads and cakes and candies and I like the ones that make me laugh in real life too. Never heard of bread referred to as boy or girl before-that makes me chuckle too. And reminds me of a funny joke about Halloween, costumes or the lack thereof, and Hershey bars-one with nuts and one without.

Dark Cloud Nine said...

A nice morning to follow with mini muffins :)

I eat the nuts and leave you the muffin BTW.

Brook said...

LOE-I don't make muffins or sweet stuff that often but when I do they go fast-especially the mini ones. And mornings this good just have to be shared-at least a little. ;)

WanderingGirl said...

That's hysterical. Seriously!

Brook said...

It was, we laughed, and I took pictures. Of the bed, just the bed.

The CEO said...

I see that when Big Daddy D comes home from a trip, he brings his appetite with him.

Brook said...

Monty-We pretty much run neck and neck on that one. Works out well for both of us.

Spellbound said...

Lucky you.

BTW I have an iron bed that my grandmother left me that is indestructible. None of my children like it because they have had to help move it and it weighs about a ton, actually maybe more. I can't ship it with the hair dye but think about it.

Brook said...

Spellbound-we are moving in the metal frame direction, wood is just too fragile. If the rain would stop we'd have it already. The floor is ok til then.