Friday, June 15, 2012


These pancakes are practically unbelievable.  As in you won't believe it til you make them.  Seriously

Get out your blender
Get out your non stick skillet and a little butter

Crack 4 eggs into the blender
4 oz of cream cheese go in next-add a spoonful of sugar if you feel like it
Put the lid on and blend thoroughly

Set the blender by the stove and put your skillet on to heat and melt the pat of butter.
When the pan is hot pour in a little batter-this works best if you make 4" pancakes
When the bubbles set flip those babies over(you might need to spray the spatula with some nonstick spray), the second side will really only take few seconds-like 20 or 30, no more than a minute.

Put them on the plate you're going to eat off of- trust me it works better that way.
Serve with warmed fruit-I used some unsweetened frozen berries and some maple syrup.

Crazy huh?
I'd take pictures only you'd see nothing but berry juice stained plates, speaking of , I'd better get in the kitchen and clean up =)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

I don't know if you know this about me but I've seen somebody literally beaten to death before my very eyes.
Bones shattered, limbs hanging useless, dangling from broken arms, legs - pleading for mercy that doesn't come.  I, he was helpless to do anything but scream and plead with Powers that dont' listen to stop, that don't listen to reason, they just don't and there's nothing to do but just watch.  NOTHING.  Don't go there just don't-nothing to do but watch this man be beaten to a pulp right there, to experience this sense of helplessness of nothingness as you watch unable to do anything.  NOTHING. NOTHING NOTHING I was nothing.  No one around me was anything.  I was no thing except this we- this one person, my love, holding a picture of us and what could be, our future, our possibilities and what ifs h- holding each other back from  our own certain death at the protest of a man losing his life so  HORRIFICALLY before me , before us.

People die all the time.
Our-my-own daughter died in our-my-arms.
She died of natural causes.
She wasn't beaten to death as this man was.  She wasn't pulped and broken to death because she was hungry.
She just died.

Rest assured,
 I've seen death.
 Death .
How many of us see someone die right there?  I mean right there?  In our arms, in our circle of influence? A loved one sure,  but a stranger?  How many of us can effect the outcome?   Some?  Few?  Me? My daughter died of croup. We are a civilized advanced country.  We did all  we could to save her.  We failed.
This man, this grown man, I watched him die.
Held back by "helping" hands, he was MURDERED before my very eyes.  Broken.  Bleeding.  
Was her death the price I-we-payed to live?
I am haunted by this idea.
This guilt.
 What could I have done?  Could I have paid his fucking restaurant tab?  Could I have been the fucking white person who couldn't be touched in that fucking 1999 China?
I don't know.

I know this though:

Life is precious.
My heart is broken.
I live.
I live in a country where you won't die for skipping out on your restaurant tab. 
Where you have a chance.

I've seen hopelessness and death.


Let's not go there.
Let's not be those people.
Let's fucking get over it okay?

Let's live.
Let's love.
Let's be excellent to each other.


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Italian Potato Soup

We occasionally go to Olive Garden for an almost quick lunch, enjoying the soup and salad and if I'm feeling skinny, a tiramisu.
Sometimes though going out is just too much bother and since I know how to make soup and reverse engineering recipes is kind of a hobby of mine, when I got a craving for some Zuppa Toscana I knew just how to make it.
This soup is so delicious and I think my version is actually better than the "name brand".

Here's how I did it:

One big soup pot on a medium flame
One good glug of olive oil into the pot
One medium yellow onion chopped and dropped into the oil
1/2 lb of Italian sausage  removed from it's casing and broken up into the pot.  (I splurged on this at Earthfare and got 2 links of  hot Italian sausage)
6 smallish red potatoes chopped and then dropped into the pot when the sausage is mostly done
One box of chicken stock poured in on top of everything (32oz I believe as I decided to not get the biggest new box at the store)

Give it all a stir and be patient.

Simmer for awhile-at least 30 to 45 minutes and give it a taste.  I needed to add some salt (grey Celtic sea salt in my case) and the sausage wasn't very fennely so I added about 1/8 tsp of fennel seed which I crushed with my fingers before adding it in

You aren't done yet!

Get out your potato masher and start mashing until it's the texture you like - don't go too crazy as you still want plenty of potato chunks!
One bunch of fresh kale goes in next - stem it and tear the leaves into smallish bits and stir them into your hot soup

This is very important for the soup to be a success, after all you don't want your soup to "break" do you?

Now for the last step:
Stir in about 1 cup of whole milk or enough to make the color "right" (this was another splurge from Earthfare- organic, non homogenized, and minimally pasteurized-delicious I must say).

Serve yourself a bowl  and top with a fresh grating of Parmesan cheese.


*instead of tiramisu we made oatmeal raisin walnut cookies which we have eaten the heck out of.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Call me Sid

As if knitting dolly dresses out of cashmere wasn't crazy enough,
And taking a million pictures to get just the right one wasn't time consuming enough... 

I also take dolls apart and put them back together again.

What's not to love?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Gentle River

My newest dolly.  I'm up to an embarrassing number now.  This girl is beautiful as she is so I'll just be making a wardrobe for her.
Now for the hardest part, giving her a name.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I sit here feeling kind of bummed and wonder why that is.
Then it hits me.
My Grandma died just two weeks ago.
Sadness happens even when you're not actively thinking about it.
I only need to keep it together for another week or so.
This time of year sucks.
This one's for you Mom.