Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm Famous!

Okay okay, I am not famous, but I am in a commercial. Okay that is not true either. But my name is in a commercial. It is. A Goldfish commercial. A cute white cheddar snack. Yep that's me!
On to slightly more serious matters.
I have apparently chosen the most hard to find color for my hair.
Um, yes I color my hair at home. It's fun and way less expensive than a salon and since I don't do highlights it is very doable. I like it and it does look good so I'll keep on doing it til I get bored or change my mind.
Anyway, this color(Ruby Rush by Feria/L'Oreal)is not well stocked in this area. I feel like I have been all over town trying to find my shade because it is time and so far no luck. Aack. My fear is that I have already purchased every box of Ruby Rush in town and will have no recourse but to make an online purchase. I will. I won't like it but I will do it. I love my hair color more than I don't like buying things online. I must be a seeing is believing kind of person and not a believing is seeing kind. Actually, I am more a gotta see it touch it taste it smell hear it kind of person.
That must be why I love to shop and cook so much.

Ah well, wish me luck.

It's free parking at the Arboretum and we are going for another walk.

After that the hair color search continues.


Nej said...

I'm jealous. I've been asking all my buddies (near me at work - which really isn't that many when I think about it...but anyway)....I've been asking all of them if anyone wants to walk with me over the lunch hour. We have nothing as fun as the Arboretum close to work...but there is a public bike trail that runs through town...and it passes near work (5 minute drive, if that).

No one will go with me!!!! It's going to be 60 degrees...and they all say they are going to freeze.

Freeze....at 60 degrees? Really???


If you have a product and brand that you love...buying it online is ok. I'm a see it, feel it gal myself...but when you know the exact product you want...it's safe to order it online if need be.

Brook said...

Baby did not cooperate. I am sad to say the walk did not happen. Gonna have to get a membership so we can go anytime. Not very happy w/the way the day turned out. Oh well. And yep, knowing exactly what I want makes it ok but I mean I just hate not knowing what I am getting in general. I have been looking at boots on etsy for weeks and have come to realize that while I don't mind buying used, I do mind not being able to try on. That is one purchase I will have to do in person. And it got up to 48 here today and somehow felt colder than last week. Weird.

WanderingGirl said...

a) I need your address.

b) If I find Ruby Red I'll send it to said address.

Spellbound said...

We will all go on a Ruby Red quest. I used to do my own but the hairdresser I have now is very reasonable and she does an amazing job. She moved me from a red that was a bit over the top to something more appropriate for my age.

So, I'm checking all the shops near me and when I find it I'll email you.

ginstonic said...

I too will look for Ruby Red - if and when I get out of the house. I should look for those highlights we found for me too. I was able to do them myself!!! I got my hair cut last week, love it. Will send pic when I get my camera back from your sis. Going to the farm this weekend, will make side trip to get mom & bring her back with me. I will be getting out more while she is here.

The CEO said...

not to be left out, and yes, I know you hate shopping on-line. I was going to check Walmart too. I'll check for it when I go out again.

And you're famous to me.