Monday, February 16, 2009

7 inches

The time for me to make you writhe with envy and possibly turn you against me forever has come. But these pictures are so worth it.

Let me show you what a little over 25 pounds translates to when you are a smidge over 5 feet tall.

First the belt. I bought it over a year ago and wore it on the third hole then. And then one day, I had to wear it on the last hole.

That was in about March.

Wow, nearly a year ago.

Anyway as you know I decided that that was just ridiculous.


I had made it back to the second hole in the belt (a little tight but hey-I could do it!)when the food poisoning struck back in June.

Since then I have had to tighten my belt past the actual holes and into the flower cutouts.

I was thrilled when I had to do it the first time and let me tell you, moving it to the second set of flower cuttouts a couple of weeks ago, I think I was dancing around the house!

I didn't think to wash that mirror(It's in baby's room) before I started snapping but the proof is there!

There is also proof that I have been pregnant more than once and l wear those marks gladly-proudly even.

And ignore the mess, I have better things to do than pick up after Baby every five minutes.

Like take pictures of my hot self!


Amy said...

YAY BROOKE!!! I walked a couple miles this am-then had a big lunch and a Reese heart from Eli val bag..feeling sorta discouraged bout getting fit. Then I read your belt moving story and you have inspired me. Thanks. You are awesome. Im doing this healthy thing slow-but I wont give up. Your great attitude is contagious....thanks for so many times when you unknowingly remind me what is important. Im feeling more like me since getting to know you. Weird..but true.

Nej said...

I need you as a workout partner!!!!!

Green with Envy

WanderingGirl said...

Good job! Of course, the argument FOR slaving away at the gym is that you need a strong heart via cardiovascular exercise to be able to pick up after Baby for years to come. But I digress. You look great! My wv is "supro" which is definitely what you are.

Spellbound said...

No one noticed the mess until you mentioned it. You look hot darlin'! If I can (almost) put pics of my boobs up you can certainly do the waist. As you may note from my https I started my blog as a dieting aide, right out in front of god and everybody. I was successful beyond my wildest dreams to the point I don't even want to tell folks how much I lost.

Oh btw, you look great!!

Dark Cloud Nine said...

Congratulations! The result of a lot of work and will power!

The CEO said...

You can always post pictures of your hot self. I'll just walk with my knees locked together.

ginstonic said...

Congrats! I had been waiting for a pic of your skinny self. You look fabulous. You always look fabulous, but this too is a good look for you.

Brook said...

Amy-you made my day and YOU CAN DO IT!
Nej-um, I don't work out, at all. Everything you see is squishy but I am ok with that. Though as I have said a good workout partner could make all the difference-I've never had one.
WG-minion training my goal is to have her sufficiently trained to take over household chores by the time B is in college-YIKES! That is only 2 years away! Gotta step up the program.
Spellbound-why thank you, you are looking pretty hot yourself-and you are right it is impossible to take a good picture of your own ass.
LOE-thank you. More willpower than any work for sure.
CEO-nahhh, I think I rambling about cooking and crazy kids and pets and stuff to just post hot pics.
Mom-you are awesome, I love you!