Sunday, February 1, 2009

I love football. Like really love it.

More than Big Daddy D even.

The only person who watches football the same way that I do is my father-in-law. Now there is a man that I can watch a game with. The yelling, the throwing, the cursing, the high fives, the armchair quarterbacking. It's the only time we really get along-if we're rooting for the same team that is. It is still a heck of a lot of fun even when we're not.

He and I will not be watching the Big Game together today and contrary to what I just wrote, that might be a good thing.

Cause I am going for the Cardinals.

And he is Steelers all the way.

He was at Three River Stadium for every home game back in the day. He dragged his way pregnant wife to games. Big Daddy D was present(10 days before his birth)for the famous Immaculate Reception.

So I'll watch the game with Big Daddy D and we will yell and throw things and talk about the plays and eat our Super Bowl ham and have a few beers. It won't be the same as watching with my father-in-law but at least we will be able to talk to each other without steam coming out of his ears.

It would happen. I know because I was for the Seahawks when they played the Steelers a few years back and the only reason we can be in the same room together is because my team lost.

I am only exaggerating the teetiniest bit. Seriously.

Whoops, I gotta go check the ham!



ginstonic said...

I just want to know why you are a Card's fan? I know you love the bird and I know you lived in AZ once (but I did not think you liked it that much). I don't care. I always liked the Steelers, and the Raiders. At times I've liked Greenbay, and I had a soft spot for New England, before they became a contender. It seemed no matter how bad they were, every season they would pull a rabbit out of their hat and beat a team that should have kicked their butts. Never liked Dallas, no reason, just didn't and I didn't like Denver a few years back, because I thought the coach was a jerk and the quarterback, well I just thought he was always making excuses. So I am not a diehard any team fan. But I guess I do like football. Should have put this on my own blog.

Brook said...

I have no idea why I like them either except that I have always had a soft spot for a few of the underdog teams-The Saints, Seahawks and Cardinals especially-oh and the Bills too, especially when Flutie was QB. I have never liked Dallas either! Blech! And as you know I am a long time Steelers fan as well. D and I did have a few "moments" during the game. Pretty funny actually. Today that is.

The CEO said...

I rooted for the Cardinals all the way with you. Broke my heart at the end.

Brook said...

Yep, a roller coaster of emotion rode itself out in our living room leaving me exhausted and quite literally speechless.