Monday, February 2, 2009

In which butter is a mystery

I am sooo bummed.
My team lost.
The game was so exciting, there was yelling, dancing, and -up til the last oh, 50 seconds- big shit eating grins.
Ok, just one of those.
Then disbelief.
Abject despair.
Queasy stomach from the adrenaline crash.
Baby learned some new curse words.

* Note to self-there is now a rather large girl shaped parrot in the house-tone down the cussing!*

I discovered this morning that I had shouted my throat raw.
I sound like I swallowed a bucket of gravel.

This morning Baby decided to make toast.
Here is her idea of toast:
Notice that the butter is in chunk format and not spread on the bread.
Just 2 tablespoons, maybe 3 of butter plopped on her "toast".
Which is not toasted.
She does not like her bread burned after all.
She made herself a couple of pieces of butter toast last night too.
Exactly like this one.
And now this is what my kitchen looks like:
Yep, you are looking at 4 sticks of butter.
Each one shy 2-3 tablespoons of being a full stick.
Why did she get a fresh stick of butter each time?
And what am I going to do with all that softened butter?
Oh well.
At least I have something else to think about.
I believe I shall have a nice cup of tea and ponder.
And maybe some toast.
Only mine will be burned.


Victoria said...

I am ashamed to say that that is how my toast looks most of the time (there has been a lot of toast, lately).

The butter. It's so funny.

May I link to your blog, please?

Brook said...

V-Please do, and I yours too.

Huff Daddy said...


Perhaps she could be a spokesperson for the Wisconsin Dairy Assoc. I learned to LOVE butter when I lived in WI. Have never looked back. I give her a high five.

Obviously at her rate you will be needing to make your own butter :)

Brook said...

We love butter here, and use about a pound a week-combo salted for toast and eggs and unsalted for baking and toast and honey when the salted runs out. And surprise surprise we are all within our height/weight/activity ratios. Moderation! I love butter almost as much as bacon and ham. Though I love ham fat on toast better than butter somedays.

WanderingGirl said...


ginstonic said...


Victoria said...


I use "BlogRoll" (have an old template) and it's either broken, or was broken and is just getting back on it's feet - or something.

[Does anyone other than me still use BlogRoll?]

stay tuned..

Nej said...

You can't see it, but I'm giggling at the 4 opened packages of butter. Aren't kids fun!!!!????!!!!???? :-)

The CEO said...

I adore your daughter.

Brook said...

Well, I must say it's a good thing that I adore her and that I can see the funny. I don't always appreciate the moment until it's passed. But heck it's only butter right?