Thursday, February 5, 2009

I have a short list of recipes that I allow myself to prepare only once or twice a year. And those darn sticky buns have been added to it. They join the ranks of cheddar biscuits, snow day truffles, Christmas cocoa, brown sugar bacon, and pastry encrusted, horseradish slathered, baked brie.
Enough about too tempting recipes.
Today I am excited because I finally found a two burner griddle that will fit on my stove! Not that I have spent oodles of time searching but I have been quietly looking since I got my "new" stove a couple of years ago now. Most of the griddles I looked at were a bit too small and a few were just too expensive. And of course the one I ended up purchasing is easily found and relatively inexpensive. The Lodge Pro Grid Iron Griddle has found a place in my cupbord. Ah, I am excited with the possibilities of this piece of kitchen equipment. The large cooking surface is enough to send me into a veritable tizzy as I ponder what to prepare first.
Blueberry pancakes?
Corn cakes?
Salmon patties?
Potato cakes?
Or ooh ooh, a full on griddled english breakfast?

Maybe I'll flip it over and use the grill side.
Brined pork chops
Stone fruit

Hmmmm, where to start?


Huff Daddy said...

Let me know how you like it. Mine is still sitting in the box. Been tempted a couple of times to get it out, but it quickly passes. :)

Brook said...

The sucker weighs 16 lbs but I am still excited. I'll just count it as weightlifting.

Nej said...

We used ours all the time, but finally had to replace the stove this summer. Made sure to get one with a big oblong center burner. It came with a griddle, I'm spoiled now. :-)

Your list has my stomach growling!!

The CEO said...

First, you invite me for the weekend to help you eat all the things we're going to make. I'll help cook and clean up, and definitely eat. You need an independent taste tester, for sure. And I am perfectly qualified. I am an eater, and I can cook. And I can follow simple directions. And I rooted for the Cardinals.

Brook said...

Nej-I was torn between a stove with a griddle burner and one with 2 ovens. Ultimately decided on the 2 ovens-and I am so glad I did! I use the top one ALL the time. Still can't decide what to make. Maybe pancakes and bacon for breakfast tomorrow.
CEO-House Party! I could invite all the cookers and all the eaters and everyone else and have a grand time!

Huff Daddy said...

If you ever travel to or through Chattanooga, it is well worth the time to go a little further west to South Pittsburg, home of Lodge. They have an outlet at the factory where I dropped well over a hundred bucks a couple of years ago. That buys A LOT of iron. If you take me with you I can show you which deals are functionally defective versus which ones are just a cosmetic blemish. It is an area of expertise that I have :) I might even be able to pull a string and get you a plant tour. If cheap iron isn't enough enticement, then you need to check out the Corn Bread festival in April!