Friday, February 20, 2009

"Lack of sleep sucketh balls."
Thus sayeth the Brook.
"Will I sleepeth tonight?"
Pondereth the Brook.
"I doubteth it."
Sayeth the Brook.
"Oh god, please let me sleepeth."
Thus beggeth the Brook.

"Why hast thou forsaken me oh sleep?
This silliness becomes me not I fear,
and rest the only remedy
for punch drunk rhyme
and jollity."


Spellbound said...

I recommend alcohol, however, I've been awake since 4 and I don't have any kids at home.

Brook said...

Yes, a little wine helped and some reading too-and waking up at 4? I did that Friday morning-eventually it sucks.

Nej said...

Are (were?) you doing the "I can't get to sleep" thing....or the "I can't stay asleep" thing???

Brook said...

BOTH! Trouble all the way around if you ask me. And man does it suck. It's gotten better.