Thursday, February 19, 2009

We went to the North Carolina Arboretum for our walkies today.

Witch hazel in bloom is delicious

Spirit Glow Dogwood in bloom
Cryptic message from a woodpecker

Lovely blue skies-and not a flake of snow

38 degrees isn't so cold
and nearly 38 isn't so old!

The map reader-I can read upside down and backwards too.

Awwww, just too cute!


Spellbound said...

How adorable! Two things I love are the woods in winter and walking in them with children.

Brook said...

It was beautiful and yes, very fun. Baby wasn't up for the full trek but it was a wonderful day. Will definitely have to go back now that she is old enough to explore with and not be a chore. And found out today that the schmoopsie is welcome on a leash! Very nice indeed!

Nej said...

What a great day for a walk!!!

Did you recognize the with hazel and spirit glow dogwood on your own, or did the upside down map tell you what it was? I'm a horrible plant life identifier. :-)

38 is definitely not too cold and even more so not too old!!!!

Love the pics!

Brook said...

Nej-it was beautiful day, I used to go on free Tuesdays and it just got to be too much with a little person, but she's not so little anymore now! Definitely getting started again on that. I really can read and write upside down and backwards-it was a useful skill in detention at school for writing and passing notes and later as an FSR at the bank it came in very handy again-now it's just a fun party trick. As for the plants, some things good, some things not depends on if i grew up with them. My brother (not the one w/the newly short finger) and I have a truly mysterious ablility to identify edible plants. The ladies who could have taught us that skill so long ago that we don't remember learning have been gone a long time and I never thought to ask them about it when they were alive. Teens are selfish unthinking beasts. Witch hazel in bloom smells so very good. And thank goodness I have 8 months to get used to the idea of 38(the 8's have been the weird ones for me)Wow this is half a blog, oh well.

Nej said...

She cooks, she makes things with her hands....and now, reading upside down and backwards!! I'm so impressed! :-)