Friday, February 6, 2009

Beauty tip # 5,071

If you are such a one as would pluck one's eyebrows to transform them from woolly caterpillars stuck on ones forehead to lovely arches that accentuate one's lovely mien, then I must share the ideal location for your next beauty endeavor.

The driver's seat of your vehicle is perfectly situated for use during this activity. The driver's seat is the most well designed, comfortable seat- as well as being highly adjustable- and the use of the lighted mirror so wonderfully provided by your vehicle manufacturer is eminently convenient as it flips down into close proximity to one's desired area of beauty modification.

Additionally one should do this during daylight hours as of course that is when the best light is available.

Gone now the days of leaning over counters or imitating a contortionist perched in your bathroom sink, oh beauty mavens!

One caveat, my dears, before you embark on your next beauty endeavor!

The parking lot at Target might not be the best place to try out your new found beauty station.


The CEO said...

Neither is the road. Too hard to use turn signals.

Victoria said...

Lady - I can not keep up with your blogging!

(you rock.. BTW)

Eyebrows. Yes, yes.

I have been "leaving them alone" in order to get everything back to normal (again).

But, every single time I go through such (getting back to normal) I recall just "why" I must alter my eyebrows in the first place.


There is no eyebrow guru.

Believe me. I've searched..

(damn eyebrows)

Brook said...

CEO-the road is only for lipstick and mascara. As man I would not expect you to know this. What's a turn signal?
V-Eyebrows! The only beauty tool I can't live without is a pair of tweezers. Which is why I was at Target in the first place and once I had them again I simply could not wait to get home to remedy the situation! My daughter teases me about it but hey, Brooke Sheilds could be my eyebrow twin!

ginstonic said...

I wondered why your forehead was cut off in your blog pic.

Brook said...

Mom you are so funny-I'll take a new pic so you can see my lovely brows!

WanderingGirl said...

I prefer the harsh lighting in the dressing rooms at department stores. They're hell on a woman in a bathing suit, but show up those little grow-ins perfectly! Must remember to pack tweezers when shopping... I am an eyebrown nazi and inspect my perfectly plucked arches twice a day. It's a little OCD, but it works.

Brook said...

WG-Me too! I don't know how some people get their brows done once a month or something. I carry my tweezers with me everywhere and use them often. You're right it is OCD but, yep, I'm ok with that too.

tangobaby said...

Hmmm... the makeup artists/eyebrow freak in me is shuddering a little...

What about the lighted makeup mirror with the 10x magnification. That's how you get them purr-fect.

Just don't do the plucking and trimming at a stop light, please!

Brook said...

TB-Of course never in a moving vehicle! Oh, if only I was going to San Francisco with Big Daddy D maybe you could give me some eyebrow pointers. That would be lovely!

Amy said...

I am with you-the parking lot right after bying beauty stuff is the best place to try them out. I dont believe in waiting-and the light is good. SO what is the kids a re complaining?? They need to get over themselves.

Brook said...

Amy-Hey that is what the dvd player is for right?