Saturday, January 31, 2009

Well lookie what we have here...

I took a little water color class today.
And this is the painting I did.

I look at it and see some things.

Like what happened to the other half of that shadow?

Why is there a petal missing on that flower?

I see that the composition and perspective are a bit off.

But do you know what else I see?

Someone who can still paint after not touching a brush in over 10 years.

Someone with some talent and ability.

Someone who was recruited by some pretty good art schools and some pretty good academic ones too.(SCAD and Harvard if you must know)(scholarships and everything)

Someone who has been afraid for no good reason.

Someone who is ready to pursue her dreams.

Because dreams don't die, and I'm not dead.


ginstonic said...

I know I'm your mom, but I've always thought you had talent - I've tried to get you to do some artwork for me for years! How do moms encourage their kids without nagging? Sorry I wasn't better at that. I do love your work, it's on display all over my house. And it's the stuff you did in high school. You haven't done much since then. I didn't know you had held a brush in the last ten years. You probably don't tell me because I'd confiscate it. Anyway I am soooooo proud of you, and happy to learn you are going to take an art class. ENJOY!!!!!

WanderingGirl said...

I think it's awesome... and that the other half of the shadow is under the dragonfly's body. And it probably ate the other petal. Just sayin'.

Brook said...

Mom-you are always encouraging but in the end it has to come from within. I'll show the 5 paintings you don't know about that I did in the past 20 and you can take your pick.
Tif-Thank you. I am realistic but optimistic. And a little rusty.

Huff Daddy said...

I think you need to change that word "some" to "latent" as in latent talent and ability. That's realistic and not optimistic.

I really like your dragonfly.

The CEO said...

The other petal blew off, and the haven't finished yet. Make a plan, and then execute it. You have talent. Plain and simple. By the way, I used to be a University professor, send me an e mail if you have any questions. Nope, not in art.

ginstonic said...

The CEO is right about the shadow -maybe this should be titled "unfinished - like my life"
Here's to never being done.

Nej said...

Finished or not, it's gorgeous. I (not possessing ANY artistic talent) am jealous. :-)

Brook said...

Nej-thanks, now I just need to get back to it!