Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I can't do it

I just can't do it.
Write just about food all the time, I mean. I cook-often and well, accept it as fact- and I will continue to do so and toot my own horn when it so pleases me.
But today I want to talk about sex. Because that is something else I do often and well. Except when I apparently "punch" my hubbie in the face with my pelvis.
Which I did last night.
Frustration followed.
Hilarity as well.
No broken nose or anything- which is almost a shame because I think it would have been freaking hilarious to have to explain to whoever it is you see to fix broken noses how it happened.
I could have gone on record as having broken an 8th degree black belt, Martial Arts Master's nose.
Alas Big Daddy D is a indeed a ninja, and even in the throws of passion had his wits about him and my now famous "Flight of Pelvis" move couldn't take him out.

Maybe next time.


Huff Daddy said...

Well you could write about food sex. ;)

You can leave the food-only blogging to me.

Huff Daddy said...

Today's Kitchen Music was inspired by you.

:) :) :-p

The CEO said...

You almost blogged about sex. This is more like The Comedy of Foreplay. I liked it a lot. It's not like the vast majority of adults don't do it. It's about time we talked about it. Nicely done.