Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Nej had a post a couple of days ago that I replied the following to and then I decided to indulge my inner smartass and cut the main part of my response and post it here.

Oh yeah, I am an evil smartass! ; )

(follow the link to find out Nej's side of the story)

1)I love banana bread(nuts or no)and have NEVER thought to put peanut butter on it. Soonest.

2) After years of aggravation I just put it on the damn holder-though as a former industry insider, over if you do the 'V' fold, under otherwise.

3)I hate lobster. Gag.

4)Low key, no speed, no hills, tooling around on a bike is I think the only way to go.

5)All doors open-always. Except bathroom and closet at night-then I can't sleep.

6)Never kayaked though I do have funny story(go figure) and never experienced really deep water-but I am not going to think too hard about it right now.

7)PB&J with potato chips-is there any other way?

8)Crunchy soft foods. Hmmm. I love pears(one of the few) and fruit in general. Though these fucking braces make it impossible to actually bite into fruit and enjoy it.

9)I too am a right side walker, though I am currently on left side of Kid due to shoulder(she pulls like a frickin fiend)

10)No where close. No keys worn off-I have a glimmer of something but, it's gone.(I remembered-the 5 yr old remote-not even close to a keyboard)

11)Numbers, OCD tendencies, ummm. Enough said.

12)Mowing lawn in decreasing squares, I thought that was how it's done? But now I have minions.

Nej you are wonderful and I can't wait to meet you IRL-you guys still heading East Coastish or did San Fransisco and Napa Valley take care of vacations for the year?


The CEO said...

I haven't mown a lawn in so long I can't remember, but I'm pretty sure I did rectangles when I was enslaved to my parents.

Potato chips, they're not just for PB&J anymore!

Brook said...

It almost made me want to go out and get some plain potato chips just to experience the taste sensation-man do I love it.
And you know, I am liking our new "lawn service" ;)

Huff Daddy said...

1) I like banana bread, either form, but don't go out of my way for it.
2) Over. And if you have it under I will change it while I'm in there.
3) I like lobster but not as much as crab.
4) My bike has flat tires and I live in the mountains. It doesn't move. My other two bikes have V-twin motors on them. They get used more often. Go up the hills better.
5) I've never thought about it. Kitchen cabinet doors must be shut though.
6) I have a goal to lose enough weight so that I can buy a kayak but I've never used one before. I grew up with summers on a lake so I have no issues with water.
7) I don't eat PB&J. I prefer ruffles.
8) I'm a fruit addict and eat several pounds per day. Don't like pears though.
9) Never thought about it but I bet it's on the right.
10) Laptop is fine can't say the same for the remote or my calculators.
11) 7 & 11 (craps) and 1, 13, 28.
12) Decreasing squares one week, stripes the next followed by diagonals. Repeat. I used to work on a golf course. We don't own a lawn mower any more so I don't care how my lawn service does it as long as it gets done.

Nej said...

I can't believe how many people mow in the decreasing square format!!!! I'm doing everything I can to keep from calling Mot right now, and sticking my tongue out at him. Granted, he won't see me doing it on the I'll have to follow it with "na na na na naaa naaa."

What can I say....I'm still 3. :-)

@ Book - I had to go back and figure out why you said something about putting peanut butter ON banana bread. :-) I like both items without nuts....but have never tried them together. Hmmmm.....

The California trip is it for vacation, for a little while. But that totally doesn't exclude a weekend getaway here and there. :-)

Brook said...

Nej-I'm back. And glad to not have to worry about mowing. Come on for a weekend-we have tons of room(no beds though ;)So glad to be home.