Monday, April 20, 2009

Vacation Part I

I am home!
I mean that in the best way.
We have been away for 9 days.
Yes 9.
Okay it was 8 really but we were only here one day in the middle for Big Daddy D's court thing and to let the maids in(I love these them!)
So our trip went a little something like this:
11 hour drive to sunny N. Florida arriving at 1am.
Sleep in.
A little nookie.
Sleep some more.
Scrounge for food.
Graham crackers-even stale-are good with coffee or milk depending on age and preference.
Oh Shit! I forgot dog food!
Give him a cracker too.
Get it in gear and drive 20 minutes to "town" for groceries and another 20 minutes for liquor.
Get back to the farm and wait for my mommy while Big Daddy scoots off for some fun family time with his brother and nephew.
Make a gallon of peach sangria.
Eat popcorn.
Forget about Internet unless Big Daddy D is online.
Fuck it, I am on vacation.
Piddle fart.
I am on vacation.
Drink sangria.
Watch the dogs playing together and later realize they stink because dogs think horse piss is the best perfume in the world.
(go to brother-in-laws for a super fun filled Easter get together and egg hunt while drinking whiskey out of the empty beer bottle so no one will know that only booze goggles will make this fun)
Go shopping with Mommy-she buys me great stuff-and the other people get some doolollies too.
Do this for 4 days.
I had lots of fun and rest and piddling and sangria.
The kids did too-minus the sangria of course.
Pile in the car for another 10+ hour drive.
You know what happened in the middle.
Tune in tomorrow for Vacation Part II.
It is the best part!


Nej said...

"Piddle fart
I am on vacation."

I'm giggling! :-)

Brook said...

Piddle farting can be the best part of vacationing. Especially when you are in the middle of BFE-which we were.

The CEO said...

I can't imagine the dogs passing up piddle farting for horse pissing as a preference. And I am imagining the opening of the dolitling at the end of the day with the whiskey beer googles on. An amazing vacation, indeed. Vaca on!

PorkStar said...

piddle fart hahahahaa

nice nice at least you went on vacay while most of us went from home to work.

WanderingGirl said...

Oh, how I love to piddle fart! Can't wait to hear the story for FarmVegas, which is also a piddle fart kind of place.

Brook said...

WG-I am saving the best for last!

rachaelgking said...

"Piddle farting" just made my day. Thank you for that.

Brook said...

LiLu-you are welcome.