Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A quick update

We went on vacation.
We stayed at my mom's little 5 acre horse farm in North Florida.
I took my computer.
Big Daddy D hogged the internet connection.
I made and then drank(over 4 days)a gallon of peach sangria.
I relaxed.
Big Daddy D suffered a few disappointments(all his family related-his story to tell)
I of course was on my period(Big Daddy D was disappointed about that too)(But for some reason every vacation we schedule I end dup on my period so he should expect that by now)
It was a long ass drive.
I have a shit load of stuff to do today cause...
We are going on more vacation tomorrow!
This one will be fun cause we are going to Tiffany's and a Barn Dance!
I have so much to say but these pesky chores are winning out.
I'll fill in the blanks later.
Ta Ta for now...


PorkStar said...

wow nice!!!! enjoy your vacation!!!!!!!!

Nej said...

Damn pesky chores :-)

The CEO said...

I missed you enormously while you were gone! Peach sangria sounds divine! Will you start another blog with Big Daddy D? Have a fabulous time with Tiffany at the Barn Dance! And give Pooh King a huge hug and a kiss for me.

Dark Cloud Nine said...

thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog, you're such an awesome girl!!

And yeah this vacation will be fun I'm sure (BTW shouldn't your period be over by now hm?)

Brook said...

Porkstar-vacation number two will be even more brilliant than the first!

Nej-damn pesky chores is right(don't tell anyone but there weren't quite as many as I led on-plus minions are sooooo very handy!)(She added another $10 to her bill with a big FU to the "rents who said she was running low btw)

CEO-I missed you too-the peach sangria was DIVINE and there will be no joint blogging in the forseeable future. I will give kisses on your behalf.

LOE-reading your blog is never a chore. Never. It is a many faceted joy. And hmmm. My period should be over by now shouldn't it...though we are under orders to please not break any beds ;)

Nej said...

A big FU?? Oh no. That's never a good thing. :-)

Spellbound said...

I have my dancing shoes packed. Can't wait to see you IRL.