Thursday, April 9, 2009

Too Late for Second Thoughts

Here is one that falls into the TMI category for sure, just not in the way you may be expecting.

I have noticed while reading many of the undeniably hilarious TMI posts of many of the bloggers out here that a large portion of these people are a bit younger than me and largely childless.

There may be some of you who might need just a little more info, a picture of how your life will change with the advent of children, before you quit straddling that fence and jump on someones "uh hum"bandwagon.

If remaining child free is a conscious decision on your part, I commend you for making a plan and sticking to it.

I know that you-just like me-are aware of the herd effect when it comes to visiting the restroom in public when you are hanging out with the girls, but have you considered the full time potty pal you will acquire in the guise of your beloved baby?

Here's a little frontline footage to help your decision making process...

If you hear a small clicking sound is my little doggie who also can't resist a good bathroom moment.

And here's a pic showing why Mommy drinks:


Huff Daddy said...

OK, way too much information but way too funny! This is the same at our house. My MIL said that when she watches all three grand kids(2 1/2, 2, 1 1/2) she has ALL 3 in the bathroom at the same time.

rachaelgking said...

Hilarious!!! Oh, how I love bathroom humor :-)

Happy TMIT!

Nej said...

I'm going to have to open this up at home so I can listen to it. The office is so darned loud today, every time I try to listen....I have to keep turning it up and up. And then, for no reason what so suddenly gets completely quiet, and my computer speakers are blaring. :-)

My sister speaks often of her bathroom 'shadows.' My nephew would actually stand outside the door and scream and scream as loud as he could if she wouldn't let him in!!! :-)

Childless by Choice in Omaha :-)

ginstonic said...

I can remember you kids laying on the floor outside the bathroom door your little lips pressed to the crack between door and floor crying, "mommy, what are you doing? let me in, I need you, I need to see you..." I think it was the only separation anxiety any of you ever exhibited.

PorkStar said...

hahahaha that was hilarious... I used to do that but with the wife instead. Until we actually thought of removing the bathroom door.

The CEO said...

What happened to your Southern accent????? Oh well. My cat also insists on coming to the bathroom with either of us. And he likes to jump up and watch closely, like he's a rocket scientist. I think he watched your video with great interest. Prhaps a swap?

Unknown said...

LOL, I have actually pooped with a baby on my lap before, so I feel your pain.

Anonymous said...

Reason #23 why JP may never have kids.

Amy said...

Yes the joy of sharing potty time. Logan says "up up" every time I sit on the potty now. Not says-yells. Oh well, at least the kids like us! Evie is so cute and funny-you tell her she can come hang out anytime in Aunt Amy's bathroom.

Dark Cloud Nine said...

yup. My velcro cat has to JUMP on my lap when I am on the toilet. And because I am apparently quite predictable, she also waits for me in front of the toilet when I get up in the morning... oh well.

BTW, your daughter is absolutely beautiful... nice genes here... good work!

WanderingGirl said...

One of my cats like to use potty time as a chance to stand on my shoulders and walk all over me. The other (and the dog) is content to be petted from the toilet.

Just for fun? My wv is "spothero"!! I've never been a hero to a spot before.

Ma King said... of the common threads for all mothers. I once claimed 10 free minutes in the afternoon for a bath (older kid age 6 outside, girls napping) only to have the door pop open and son (the law dog, aka Jackass) conduct a TOUR of the bathroom with his neighborhood buddies in tow! "This is our bathroom and that's Mom in the tub". Yeah, that was TMI at the time too!

Spellbound said...

You know when people say you're gonna miss them so much when they are all grown up? This is not what they are talking about.

Brook said...

HD-I have enough with just the Kid and the dog-3 would be too much!

LiLu-I know you do! Right back atcha babe!

Nej-that is almost as funny as the post-I can now imagine hearing myself pee in your office-hahahaha!

Mom-I still follow you into the bathroom, I am sure she will do it forever too.

Porkstar-Stay out! Some things a wife does not want an audience for...

CEO-I am from New York. Raised all up and down the Eastern seaboard. My family is Southern. My accent screams South to me but if you can't hear it that is a good thing to me. Though I can and do put it on for fun. I am sure one day Jake will be able to watch me pee too.

Hillbilly Princess-I love your name! And Hello. I too have pooped with an infant on my lap-sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. giggling here.

justjp-Hey if you don't have good intell you can't make a good decision so here's my uh hum little nugget of wisdom-think hard cause cause when the kid gets here you can't take a look and say put it back I changed my mind.

Amy-I will send her right over. She and Logan can have some quality potty time. She will be happy to tell him all about it cause she does that(when she is not being filmed for posterity of course)

LOE-a warm cat on a cold lap is a good thing! Everyone loves routine-even cats. And she is beautiful isn't she? Thank you.

WG-I do my best doggie training while on the throne. Sit and lay are soley due to potty time training sessions. Silly pets.

Ma King-hello again! I love it-That's my tub and oh, yeah, that's my mom. I tell ya, I can't wait.

Spellbound-and yet I already know that the things I'll want to remember will drift away like dandelion seeds while this will cling to my memory like beggars lice or a cockle burr.

Amy said...

I just showed this video to Logan...he said no to it when she pretends to cry. haha-tooo funny.
When i showed him your crazy pic under it and said "this is Brook" he said "mama! no boook-no, no boook"