Friday, March 27, 2009

All typed out

So I started in on my usual routine of reading and responding to "my blogs" and then reading the comments and responding on my own blog.
Now my forearm is twitching like someone hooked me up to a light socket and though it feels funny and not painful I am going to hang up the phone now.
If any of you have talked to me on the phone you'd be laughing by now cause I always find more to say and end up going on for awhile(sometimes an hour).
So if you are interested in today just follow me around the web and read my comments and backtrack here and see what new things I have had to say.
As I said somewhere else and liked it ,
" I'd write more but drugs and pain are battling each other and I am caught in the crossfire."
Catch ya later friends.


Spellbound said...

My reaction to illness or injury is to go incommunicado and since I sort of do think that everyone I know is like me, I have not called. I have been keeping up with your progress via mutual friends however and agree that you should seek outside assistance in the form of a shaman, high priestess or a perhaps a witch doctor. If none exist in your part of the woods, and you are really desperate, you may have to make do with an orthopedic surgeon. Call me if you need any other unsolicited advice. I full of it.

Brook said...

Spellbound-no calls are fine-as far as I can tell I sound like and make as much sense as the typical drunk.
I forgot to share the news that


So no worries-at least I'll feel that way when this next round of pills kicks in...weehoo!

PorkStar said...

sounds like very good advice from above

Brook said...

Hello Porkstar! I read your blog when you were in Amsterdam/Europe. And I envied you, your bravery and daring. I have picked up and traveled/moved across the country but it was done with the naivete of youth. It seems much scarier as an adult. Do you like bacon? My appointment with the specialist can't come soon enough.

PorkStar said...

Hi there, do I like bacon? Oh good lord, the world can not exist without bacon.. I love bacon, are you kidding me?

: )

Brook said...

With a name like Porkstar I figured, but I had to ask! Bacon is my favorite food group after all.

The CEO said...

Assume we had a very pleasant conversation over a bottle or two of wine. I'm glad you have a doctor's appointment and can get something done about your arm soon.

And I thought bacon was a vegtable you should have three to five times a day? You're the chef.

Brook said...

Monty-bacon? totally a vegetable, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. And the conversation over a bottle or two of wine? I am there.