Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Me and percoset

Holy crap.
That was really freaky.
My left shoulder has been hurting for few days.
Maybe I slept on it wrong.
I don't know.
Then the Kid half on half off my lap.
Her usual maniac self not sitting still.
Me trying to avoid elbows and head butts.
She can't start daycare soon enough by the way.
Suddenly a terrible pain in my shoulder.
Left arm numb and limp.
Shooting pain up my neck.
I thought I was dying.
Off to the hospital.
I hate hospitals.
EKG is fine.
Pain not going away.
X-Rays show nothing skeletal to point a finger at.
So 8 hours later(all in the emergency area) I have pain pills and a phone number.
And no insurance.


The CEO said...

You need to talk to Ace Physical Therapist and Miracle Worker Wandering Girl, not that I have an opinion naturally. But I can and will vouch for her. She lays hands on, and if you call her "ma'am" and are really respectful, and walk Pooh King, and he likes you, you could get pie too. These are all rumors, of course. Please report back.

And consider calling Kaiser Permanente about health insurance. You need not belong to a group.

The CEO said...

And please remember, those numbers on your prescription which should be something like hydrocodone/apap 5/500 means that you have 5 mg codeine with 500 mg tylenol. Your stomach can only handle 3000 mg of tylenol a day before it starts to tear and ulcerate. Just in case no one ever told you. If they have, just a friendly reminder. WG would have done it, I am positive, she's so smart.

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Brook said...

Gonna make an appoint with a bone and joint specialist when I can talk without slurring-not used to drugs(and that's a good thing). And I am very aware of the dangers of tylenol/acetaminaphin. It was pretty scary. And I felt very silly. As for medical insurance-sometimes we have it sometimes we don't. We are a very healthy bunch anyway and we might have one visit to the dr each year between the 4 of us. Honestly it is one of the first things to go when things get tight. Oh, and we do have a 401k, I forgot about it. But it shouldn't be that big a deal, the hospital is applying for medicaid for me automatically and what with our current financial situation and the fact that we have kids combined with me not working they are confident that it shouldn't be a problem.

Dark Cloud Nine said...

I had about the same thing happen to me not long ago after a fight... thought I was having a heart attack... I think actually I was having a panic attack. Don't think I had one before.
I am so sorry about the medical insurance mess... things like that always make us feel so small...

Huff Daddy said...

Bummer. Believe me I understand, was there just 10 days ago! Hang in there and get the help you need.

The CEO said...

The particular doctor you are looking for is an Orthopedic Surgeon. First, they will x-ray your shoulder, and then they will tell you that they really need an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) to see what has happened. I'm guessing you tore something, like a rotator cuff. I guess it hurts to move your arm.

I hope medicare covers you. I don't want you to guess what it cost to operate on Judy's rotator cuff. I'm not trying to scare you.

BTW, Spellbound and her husband know thousands of times more about heath insurance than I do. Spellbound is much, much smarter than me. She's sort of like Tiffany. Extremely smart.

Life On Edge, I hope it was a panic attack too. I hope you never have another one.

Brook said...

I am pretty sure the Kid and I worked hard to do this together. Of course, Big Daddy D and me were going at it pretty good trying to break the bed a few evenings ago. This could be a sex injury made worse by wrestling with a 35 lb solid muscle little person who holds nothing back.
You know, I am not worried about the insurance/money thing. We have had much bigger things to worry about-that part of this situation is barely a blip when it's all said and done.

Monty-you are such a mother hen! I mean that in a good way.I don't think it's a rotator cuff-the pain is behind my collar bone towards the center of my body, and a little under my shoulder blade.

LOE-I have had a panic attack once when I was 13 and that is a long time ago. My grandma gave me a valium and I passed out.

HD-I know and now me. I was thinking about you.

The CEO said...

You're right. I have a wife with an incureable disease, and I am clearly risk-averse. My brother-in-law waited for way too long to have his rotator cuff fixed, and when the surgeon opened his shoulder, they couldn't fix it. Dumb. And he's smart, or supposed to be. So, you are quite correct. Judy has to be tough to live with me. I told that to Wandering Girl last night and she said, "true story".

Amy said...

On the insurance thing (to my mother's horror) I can relate, have advise. Every hospital has an indigent program for people w/out insurance. If nothing else, they can set up a pay-plan. We had to do the bankrupt thing bout 5 years ago and that may play a part too. I agree w/ CEO..hydocodone/apap is the way to go. Remember I grew up in a drugstore..may explain alot :0)

Brook said...

Amy-I have been and indigent several times. And that is the stuff I got. My shoulder still hurts dammit.