Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Short and sweet

Typing one -handed is hard.
Typing under the influence is funny.
Taking it easy today listening to ambient electronica.
Trippin on pain pills.
I'll be back tomorrow.


The CEO said...

Brook, you don't have to do a thing, except not aggravate your injury. I/we want you back, healthy and feisty again. Cooking, doing crafts, being the best Brook you can be. If you want to blog, change your password, and let Big Daddy D blog what you want to say. Makes him feel like he's a part of things and you can write a together-ness post. Otherwise, feel better.

Spellbound said...

worred about you darlin' and wish I had the time free to come help. Sleep, get well, let them take care of you.

Nej said...

One handed typing blows goats. Are you right or left handed?

ginstonic said...

eagerly awaiting new posts - hope you get relief soon. Massage therapy and developing relaxation techinques will help even you need more invasive measures. Take care. Love ya, mom

Brook said...

Monty-I am so foggy it ain't funny. I haven't cooked in a week. It is crazy but I can't just can't do it. Oh well. No one is starving and eventually I'll get back in the kitchen. And blogging too.

Spellbound-everyone has been surprisingly helpful. I wish I was less stoned so I could enjoy it.

Nej-I am right handed but that left one comes in so handy (haha)holding stuff for the right one to work on not having full use is harder than I would have ever thought.

Mom-I know-I drove yesterday-big mistake. Turning the wheel, the seatbelt, all of it-I couldn't get home soon enough.

Nej said...

Yes, having both comes in handy. But just concentrate on healing...and the other stuff can wait.

Anonymous said...

yikes! i hope that you make a speedy recovery...but this post was entertaining!!

Brook said...

Nej-the holding pattern is still holding.
CWG-"drunk" typing can be fun and I sure as hell hope I get better soon too.