Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekend Newsflash

Today I am hungover. Too much to drink two days in a row will do that to me I guess. Wait, make that three days. Holy crap, someone sign me up for AA. Or AAA. I might need some roadside assistance here. On the other hand we as a family have had a very productive weekend. The ENTIRE HOUSE has had a thorough straightening and cleaning, and a bit of paring down too. The Kid's room is clean again(I am only a little ashamed to admit that after all my hard work before Christmas at some point after Christmas she and her little friends demolished it and it just hurt my feelings looking at it so I quit looking at it and did not clean it up til yesterday). Even the Big Girls room is clean. Quick! Someone check and see if they are throwing snowballs in Hell. I have to tell you though, doing all this stuff with a perpetual headache and nausea has not been fun, and I am very thankful for Big Daddy D and B's help. My unthinking dip into the use of alcohol to avoid dealing with a problem has really taken a physical toll. God, what was I thinking?
In other news, the new metal bed frame appears to be indestructible. We did our best to put a hurting on it let, and let me tell you-that thing ain't gonna break without a sledgehammer.
Oh yeah, ballet is back on too. For a while anyway. The teacher is also a realtor and her clients had commandeered the class time and let's face it, the 3-5% commission on a real estate deal beats the $10 she gets from me, so of course she would do her realty thing.
Another headline. Our neighbors down the street have sold their house and will be moving soon-we will be saying good bye to our only friends in the neighborhood and the Kid's best friend will be gone as well.
Hey, maybe this will be the year I win the HGTV Dream Home. I obsessively entered that this year, which amuses me really. I haven't won anything in a long time though so it could be time. HaHa, I'll keep you guys informed. Hahahaha.
We also went to PF Chang's for supper Friday night and that was surprisingly fun. Big Daddy D was in a mood to celebrate and heck I don't blame him. We came home with enough leftovers so I didn't have to cook yesterday and that was nice too.
And well, that is about all I am ready to say right now. There is so much twirly confusion in my mind that even without a hangover I would probably have a headache and a sick tummy right now.


Nej said...

I'm glad to hear your bed frame has passed necessary stress testing. The safety of those "sleeping" on this bed is very important. :-)

Cleaned and straightened from top to bottom....and all while hungover. VERY impressive!!!!!!!

Ballet, eh? I know you've mentioned it before...but I'm still pretty new to Blogbaby land. How long have you been ballet-ing? (hehe)

I took dance for 18 years...but mostly tap and jazz....ballet was always difficult for me. I was a "taller than the boys in my class, gangly gal." (too bad all of my height was gained I swear I'm shrinking!!) I was less than graceful. But tap dancing - oh how I miss it!!!! I wish I could find an adult class that wasn't a senior class.

WanderingGirl said...

I love PF Changs. Serious, serious love. Mouth watering now. Thanks for that.

Brook said...

Nej-we tried and we tried. And then we tried some more. Nothing. Not even a sqeak!
I do not recommend doing anything when hung over. I especially recommend avoiding hangovers to begin with. I still feel pukey.
I started doing ballet in the fall. Barely took classes in 3rd grade and nothing in between. I love it and wish I had really insisted on continuing lessons after we moved. I am short enough-cough-that it could have been a great thing. My boobs are, I think, too huge for tap. glad you got to ride your new bike!

WG-I was amazed at how much I enjoyed the restraunt. The food was delicious and not too expensive. I can't wait to go back!

The CEO said...

You learned a lot, got a lot done, and had a great meal! Well done, better than me.

Dark Cloud Nine said...

you are so human - you are a wonderful human being!

Brook said...

CEO-I just keep going and going, like the energizer bunny I guess. Parts of the weekend were excellent-and if you didn't get the mother of all hangovers then you actually did better than me this weekend.

LOE-(you should change to "Life On Very Edge then I could just type LOVE and leave it instead of going back and deleting the V every time!) If hangovers and hangin on make you human then yep, that's me! Though I tell you yesterday I felt more like something you would scrape off your shoe.

Anonymous said...