Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Well, the cleaning is not done, the wrapping is not done(ok-not started), the cooking is not done. And those pesky socks are not done either.
I am.
For the moment.
I am glad that we will be at home Christmas morning for sure but I must admit to being a little sad that we won't be going to Washington DC after all. My imagination had started its own flight of fancy and I was all prepared to follow when reality bopped me on the head.
Don't get me wrong, Reality is a friend of mine, but I gotta tell ya my opportunities to go with my imagination on an adventure are few and far between these days.
I'll get back in the holiday mood when I've plugged in the lights and had my Christmas cocoa.
Til then I believe I will savor a moment with Imagination and the possibilities ahead.

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