Monday, December 8, 2008

And if you were wondering

The mess has been diminished. (Takes a bow and urges B to the front) I did manage to clear out 3-yes count them-3 trashbags of stuff to donate and one of stuff to trash. Thanks largely to B who was able to follow direction as I became increasingly unable to move as the day progressed. She also offered invaluable disconnect services in the winnowing of treasure as she herself had gifted Baby with nothing and therefore had none of the emotional attatchment that I or Big Daddy D might have. Screw the grandparents. They don't live with this stuff.

And where is the tree? Only 16 days to Christmas and NO tree!

No presents wrapped as was brought to my attention earlier today.


I did however manage to make delicious broiled salmon and recreate another favorite dish from China- "beans and bacon" as it was called on the chinglish menu. Very misleading as the ingredients consist of snow peas, a famous chinese ham similar to "country ham" here in the States and cornstarch, broth and a smidge of soy sauce. Too bad Big daddy D had a Rotary dinner to attend and missed it! Oh well. He'll get some tomorrow in his lunch.

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MC said...

Lunch was awesome. Really, really awesome. And hey, you said that you didn't want a tree. I offered.