Monday, December 15, 2008

So, without further ado, I present our Tree! Isn't it just lovely!

I have accumulated quite a collection of Dollar Tree ornaments and after Christmas sale lights over the years, perhaps too many according to Big Daddy D,and I absolutely love them! I know that perhaps for the environment we should get an artificial tree and use it for years and years, and we did, for years. Finally though, last year we broke down and bought a "live"tree and loved it. This year we downsized our tree to a more affordable 6 footer(notice the really tall spire the angel perches precariously upon)($20 at a hardware store)(the tree not the angel, she we picked out years ago at WalMart-since largely banned but I won't go there-with Maggie and we'll keep her forever) It finally feels like Christmas around here, and I am glad for it. Now to get on with everything else! And I don't mean decorating. Now that the tree is in place there is room in my brain for other pursuits, like finishing knitting a pair of socks that I started 2 years ago!


WanderingGirl said...

I'm totally getting icicles for the tree for next year!

Brook said...

I got them at Dollar Tree for-you guessed it-a dollar. Admittedly I think I got 3 packs but hey, they are still cheap and they won't kill the dog or cat if "accidentally ingested" like the tinsel I used to cover the tree with.