Saturday, December 13, 2008

Birthdays and Christmas

Boy Howdy! I'm glad thats over.
You didn't know that we have 2 birthdays in December to celebrate before Christmas gets here? Well, now you do. Sometimes it is rather difficult to deal with and this year especially so. The past 2 years I have waited a little longer than most people to put up a tree so that Baby doesn't get confused about birthdays and Christmas and all that jazz though this year is the last that I'll worry about that. And the weekend I would normally start getting Christmas decorations out I decided to complete the overhaul of Baby's room. Then we decided to go to Big Daddy D's parents for the holiday and now I have no tree. I am kinda sad about it actually but not enough to put up a tree for 9 days and then take it down. I'd end up leaving the tree up til like March or something. I have done that. And even then I didn't so much take it down as we were moving and I gave it to a friend, decorations and all so that I wouldn't have to disassemble the darn thing and pack it up with all the other stuff. That is nothing compared to my Mom. One year she left her Christmas tree up and changed out the decorations for every holiday. UP TO THE FOLLOWING THANKSGIVING! Now that is funny. Anyway, I've done a little seasonal decorating but nothing specifically Christmas and it's almost enough.
I want a tree.
A beautiful tree covered with my favorite baubles and twinkling away. I want to smell it and smile every time I look at it and water it and talk to it (What, don't you tell your tree how nice it looks?) and, and....
That settles it, I am off to buy myself a Christmas tree!


Huff Daddy said...

I understand. My wife's birthday is 12/06 and then her sister's son has a birthday 12/29.

I really wanted a real tree this year but we just couldn't afford one this year. So I found the crappy fake one we own buried in a box in the basement..

Still better than last year. I was working on the road so much last year that we ended up buying a live 2 foot tall tree as a last resort the week of Christmas and putting it on a coffee table. Sadly I killed it by placing it next to the fire place and drying it out. I just haven't had a clear head the last few years about Christmas. Too many moves in to few years. I feel like time is running through my fingers this year.

WanderingGirl said...

I just got off my duff and hung the garland and tinsel and bows on my deck.