Monday, December 1, 2008

The Chimp

You have noticed by now the "Chimp-o-matic" . This nifty little gadget almost makes everything okay. I just had a moment of panic when it looked like it wasn't working. I need the Chimp. I only hope that even when Bush is outta there that the Chimp will go on, I mean he's not gonna quit talking is he? I admit I am a Chimpoholic. I'm like Christopher Walken and the cow bells for Pete's sake, or maybe that kid with the cereal-gotta have my Chimp. I sign on just to read it, I refresh the page every 5 seconds, I mean hit me again already. Where else can I get such sublime word usage and and impeccable flubbery. Uh-oh, maybe I should cut back on my drug. I think its catching! I could have a real problematically serious situation arousing, well, what I mean to say is, uh...... arising. Oh noooo..........I love the Chimp!

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