Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I am sooo a giant!

It's official.
It is.
I am a Hobbit.
A tall, giant even, Hobbit (a full 5ft!)
Big Daddy D has pointed this out to me before.
I always denied it citing my aforementioned great height.
Now, however, I know it's true.
I am a Hobbit.
I just ate "second" breakfast at 9.
First breakfast was at 6:30.
I am thinking about 11sies.
And then lunch.
I better go glue some fake fur to my toesies!
And learn how to smoke a pipe I think.
Better go watch LOTR pronto.


Huff Daddy said...

Perhaps you are of the Took family, I believe they were the tallest. :)

Brook said...

A Took, huh? But weren't they blonde? I am definitely not blonde.11sies was wonderful btw(leftovers from sushi supper bookclub Christmas get together), lunch may end up being afternoon snackies before tea!

WanderingGirl said...

My best friend is one of 6 sisters, and they're all under 5'2". They swear they're the original hobbits. It must be a sight to see you and Big Daddy D holding hands, with him being so tall!

Brook said...

I forget how tall he is and how short I am until I see pics and let me tell you, it is a sight! I'll try to find one so you can see. He's an Ent I think by the way!

Derek Croley said...

I always liked going south. It's sort of like going down hill.

ginstonic said...

The Tooks were also the adventurous clan, my offspring of the wandering feet, and your maternal grandmother was of the same ilk, but shorter. She was a Twilley, hmmm.