Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Sweetness is when Baby sneaks in your room and wiggles up on the bed and squirms her way across Big Daddy D to snuggle in beside you.
"uh Mommy?"sotto voice
"uh Mommy?"still sotto voice
"what Baby?"
"I need some pillow"
" here Baby" and slide some pillow her way.
She snuggles in still warm and soft from sleep and our feet tangle under the covers, our hair on the pillow.
"I love you Baby"
"I wuv you too Mommy."

Hilarious is when she has some pillow then turns her back to me and skootches away to settle in for extended snuggley cuddles with Big Daddy D, her first true love.
Maybe she'll start bugging the crap out of him all day since he's home for the holidays.


WanderingGirl said...

That is sweet. I love a good snuggley with The Force. I think Big Daddy D will be the tormentee of choice today, but he'll probably love it 'cause he doesn't get to do it every day. Humph, men.

ginstonic said...

o, I love snuggly time - even if it's just the dogs. DC sounds fun - I still don't know what I'm doing - I will probably go see Noni, but I don't know when. I just doonn'tt knnooww....