Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day

Yes, you could call me lame for blogging on Christmas Day but I'll bet you are sitting there as I write, watching everyone playing with their new toys and wondering what's next. I figure while I am enjoying my new massage pillow which is f-bombing(thanks for an acceptable substituteTiff!)awesome I would tell you all about it.
First of all, when you use your phone as an appointment book turn off the reminder so it doesn't wake up the Baby at 7am.
Jump out of bed and stumble to the kitchen to finish making the gingerbread before everyone starts opening presents.
Try to get B out of bed at the ungodly hour of 7:30am.
Wonder what is taking the coffee so long.
Watch all the presents get opened and look at the clock.
It's only 8:30am
What now?
Eat delicious gingerbread, sausage links and drink more coffee.
Look on Facebook and wonder what the heck everyone else is doing since after all, I am there.
Realize that it is only 9:30am.
Wonder why the heck I got a craft project for Baby when I have the patience of whatever is opposite of a saint.
It's only 9:36am.
I think you can see where this is going.
I am not sure how I have filled the last 3 hours.
I am pretty sure drinking coffee was in there.
And now this.
And as excited and interested as you may be in what happens next I have to disappoint you.
FINALLY! It is time to go eat lunch at a friends.

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