Friday, December 19, 2008

Kermit and Dorothy love me!

If any of you have ever wondered what is at the end of the rainbow, let me show you!

My House!

Is that the coolest thing or what? My heart was pounding by the time I finished taking the picture but I am so glad my neighbor kid scared the crap out of me when he came in the door(which was open-it's a balmy 65 degrees here) to share this beautiful sight!


tangobaby said...

Wow! Where's your pot of gold?!

Now that's a cool photo. And I know where the rainbow ends.

Brook said...

Well, I'll let you know when I find the pot of gold.
Honestly, just seeing this rainbow made me happy and to have end at my house made me think about all the other things I should be grateful for right now.

ginstonic said...

beautiful pics. Keep me posted about Christmas - I was planning on going to Bainbridge for a few days, but not sure when.

WanderingGirl said...

That's awesome!!!