Thursday, April 30, 2009

TMI Thursday #6

At The Farm-my Mom is an artist too-though she will deny it.
Steaks at The Farm-I learned some of my best cooking from my Mom.

I got my best smiles from my Mom-and she gave me the dog I always wanted too.

My Mom gives me the best Christmas presents too-and Lord knows I am hard to please.

Today is my mommy's birthday.
Some days she is Mom.
Some days she is Mommy.
Today is one of those days, a day when I need my mommy.
I need a mommy hug, a mommy lap, a mommy cuddle.
What does she need?
I hope that knowing how much I love and need her still is enough.
And that a long distance snuggle is on its way to her.
I love you Mommy.
Happy Birthday.


The CEO said...

Happy Birthday, Ginstonic. You don't look a day over 30. I just didn't know you were from Hawaii. Did you know Obama when you were there?

Nej said...

Happy Happy Birthday Ginstonic!!!!! :-)

Victoria said...

Your mom is so young and beautiful - just like her daughter!

(I still call my mom "mommy" too ..always will!)

Loti said...

Happy shared Birthday to your mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lori said...

Actually, Loti didn't say that, Lori did LOL!

rachaelgking said...

Happy birthday to your Mamakins!

Brook said...

CEO-she's not from Hawaii(Florida)And she does look good doesn't she?

NEJ-She'll see it

Victoria-thank you(from both of us I'm sure!)Mommies are the best!

Loti(whoops I mean Lori)-happy Birthday again to you too!

LiLu-no link today since even though to many people this counts as TMI-it's not the funny embarrassing kind-I'll work kharder next week =)

Dark Cloud Nine said...

Happy birthday to your Mommy!! I call mine 'Maman' heh of course, it's French. And thank you for reminding me to appreciate that my own Mom cared enough to visit me. You're super awesome. And your Mom's got a super awesome daughter.

Brook said...

LOE-Thank you-and you are welcome. I sometimes have to remind myself to be thankful for my Mommy-and to let her know how much she means to me. You are pretty awesome yourself(you are!)

Spellbound said...

How wonderful to have that kind of relationship with your Mom. Bring her along to Richmond next month. It's Mrs. CEO's birthday then and we're having cake along with other treats.

Brook said...

Spellbound-I'll ask. It is wonderful(and took some doing on both our parts)I wouldn't trade it for anything.

ginstonic said...

I am soooo touched - Brook:thanks for sharing me with your friends and friends:thanks for all your wonderful comments. I do have an amazing daughter, how she managed this in spite of me, I'll never know. Hugs back to all.

Anonymous said...

happy bday to yer mumsy!!! my mum's bday is a month a way....better start thinking about a gift.

Brook said...

CWG-this post is my gift(she is harder to get for than me-but not in a bad way)