Thursday, April 16, 2009

Don't Touch the Butt!

(whoops I forgot to flip the photo, oh well)
Big Daddy D and I went to PF Changs again-without the fam this time-to...well celebrate is not the right word...but anyway, yesterday was Big Daddy D's day in court, to officially declare bankruptcy and last night he wanted to have some pleasant memories to supercede the unpleasant ones.

I believe we were successful.

Don't tell anyone but I think he's gonna have a headache today-shhhh.

I got everything on my list done and a couple of extras too.

Everything except color my hair anyway.

Gonna get right on it.

And I can send MapQuest directions right to my phone!

How awesome huh?

No need to hook my laptop to the printer and worry about losing a page!

It's there-and with a link too!

Super sweet!

I love technology.

And sex.

I love sex.

And coffee.

Some days I love coffee even more than sex.

I am not sure if today is one of those days.

I do need more coffee though.


Everyone is asleep still.


Nej said...

Oh, I was going to ask you this a while ago, and forgot...but this post reminded me. Did you get a new phone?????

It sounds like the trip was very, very good!!

Got everything on your list done, and then some?!?!? Jealous!!! :-)

The CEO said...

Coffee is my drug of choice, it's my fav, my friend, a lover. Where was I?

What kind of phone did you get? Be careful about those text messages...

Dark Cloud Nine said...

pfft you're so high on sex and coffee...! I'm so jealous... I'm sort of really missing one of those right now... you can guess which one.

PorkStar said...

hahaha nice post.

Spellbound said...

So sex and coffee, OMG!

Brook said...

I have an LG Voyager. Piss and vinegar-the link didn't work. But I was able to redo mapquest on my phone. It was all good.
Funny-web browsing no add'l fee, texting fee. Go figure.
Alas, caffiene was the only thing I was high on.

Anonymous said...

i recently tried out pf was interesting. i'm not really very daring in the culinary arena, so eating out is always a challenge, that and pf changs didn't serve grilled cheese. lol.

Brook said...

CWG-hello again! When in doubt go for moo goo gai pan-it is the most innocuous of dishes. A cocktail/beer/glass of wine or two and it's all good. Our favorite is walking out and seeing a ginormous horse butt with a heart covering the-uuum-unlovely bit.

Huff Daddy said...

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