Friday, May 1, 2009

It's F*@#%ing Friday!

Minion #1, in an effort to lesson her debt, sold her hair so to speak. Her friends bet her $50 that she would not bleach her hair blonde. I told her I would do it when she had the cash in hand.

Last night we learned a few things:

A strand test is a good idea but even they lie.

Do not wait til 9 to start the strand test-especially when it turns out you will indeed have to process her hair for the full 90 minutes.

There are reasons people go to beauty school(bleaching out someones hair is hard work!)

Going from black to blonde in one easy step is the biggest lie ever printed on a package.

When it comes down to it the Minion and I can have a good time together.

Raucus laughter from the bathroom is sure to wake up a mildly disgruntled Big Daddy D("It's after midnight! What are you guys doing?!?!")

So here's the new do. She liked it last night.

If she doesn't like it this afternoon-or more likely hates me by this afternoon-I will be moving to Oregon. It's a lovely state.


The CEO said...

My she's a good looking woman! She looks so much better when she isn't hiding. You know she's going to be another stunning red head. She has her mother's and her grandmother's good looks! Just saying, you know.

Amy said...

I like it! She is a pretty girl. The most important thing is you and she had fun together. Is you go to Oregon-can I come with?

Oh shoot-for I sec I forgot I was a grown-up and had sponsibilities and all that.

Huff Daddy said...

Hmmm, Berlin suddenly comes to mind. :)

With the lighter hair she looks even MORE like her dad.

Nej said...

She pulls it off well!!!! I love the Oregon sign at the end...made me giggle. :-)

Brook said...

CEO-she is a cutie-and a natural blonde(she loves messing around with her hair).

Amy-You would not believe how bad I was feeling as I rinsed her hair-she looked a little like a tabby cat(which perked her right up when I told her!)After I blow dried it she thought it looked pretty cool and that perhaps she would start a "new" trend at school. If I go to Oregon you can come with me. Oh wait-I have responsiblities too.

Huff Daddy-I think we'd have to do it one more time to get it more like Berlin-and there's a funny story about her looking like Big Daddy D(I'll tell you one day)

Nej-It's a pretty happening look for emo kids-and she qualifies for that no doubt.
After being at school all day with mean highschool kids(though she seems to be above that for the most part)she may just hate me and I thought-hmmm, where could I go to get away from that teenage angst-and Oregon seems just far enough away...

Nej said...

Oregon is nice, from what of it I've seen...but I liked Washington so much better. Don't forget to stop along the way and pick me up....I'm going too!!!!! :-)

Dark Cloud Nine said...

wow that looks pretty cool... could you do my hair?

and I insist: damn Brook, you are an awesome mom!!!

PorkStar said...

It looks very nice indeed.

Spellbound said...

I was 16 and I broke just broke up with my boyfriend. My mother gave me money to go to the beauty parlor and get a haircut and a permanent for my "stringy hair". I came out with my hair bleached blond, her worst nightmare. My daughter started freshman year with her hair pink, then changed to blue, green, purple, and white before the year was over. I loved her in every shade. I would only be half a person if I did not have my girl. What a treasure they are.

The CEO said...

OK, Spellbound got to me. How much for a lease/purchase agreement on minion #1?

Brook said...

Nej-Washington and Oregon are both nice-we just happened to drive through the mountains where Montana, Idaho, Washington and Oregon are all kinda mushed together-all very lovely in that spot.

LOE-I would do your hair. Especially since you want to try darker(this going blonde thing is a little scary still) I've done highlights before that turned out well too. And thank you-sometimes I do feel like an awesome mom. The rest of the time I need reminders.

Porkstar-she still likes it so we're good.

Spellbound-She went from dark blonde to black, long hair to short(ish) and now this. I love her no matter what but you have to admit as a mom sometimes you just cringe and think-but your hair is so lovely just the way it is(hypocritical yes-I won't deny it)

CEO-minions are bred my friend-there is no lease purchase option available. So sorry =)

ginstonic said...

Well like I said in my regular email, I like B's hair color(s) and I thought of the Berlin thing too. I will be trying to tame my tabby cat hair color today. Had a hard time with that decision as I actually like it, mostly I'll be trying to tone down the brassiness. Here's to cool hair and mom's who can handle it.

Brook said...

Mom-can't wait to see your do! And boy-I do wonder what your mom would have to say about these hair colors. I can just see her face kind of pinching up as she figures out the nice southern thing to say!

WanderingGirl said...


Brook said...

WG-we're working on it. And then on to blue I think.