Monday, April 27, 2009

Sometimes the IRS ain't all bad

I am going shopping.
For boots and flowers.
Belts and jeans too.
What else....
Oh-and a tattoo!
Yay for income tax returns!


Huff Daddy said...

Lucky girl. We only owed $1900 this year and that was a thrill. That's down by more than a zero. With any luck we'll have 2004 paid off by this time next year. We did get money back from the state though. AMAZING! That's going toward hospital bills and two nights in Nashville. And Dinah is letting me buy some motorcycle pants.

But I still hate the IRS with such passion.

I assume you mean cowboy boots. If you can I do recommend buying them in Texas :) since you have money and all. I prefer the understated style called Ropers.

And you didn't ask, but I do advise asking around people who have tattoos where they recommend and not just "getting one." There are a lot of bad shops out there and it's best to find the good ones from people who have suffered before you.

HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nej said...

Yeah for tax returns!!!

There are a number of really good boot shops good thing about living in the midwest.

Brook said...

Aww heck-I hate the IRS but I like all the taxpayers and this thing called EIC thanks everyone!
I am currently in lust with some FRYE BOOTS-belted harness(so awesome) and believe me-I have been researching and asking people like crazy about finding a great tattoo artist-I wanna make sure I like it for the next 50 years at least!

The CEO said...

I liked Frye boots way back when. I hope your tats turn out as nice as they should. I look forward to seeing them!

Spellbound said...

Well, we were also happy we only owed 1200 after I labored over them for many hours trying to find loopholes. So, cowboy boots?

PorkStar said...

good for you! But compared to what the IRS usually takes away versus what they return, big diffce usually.

Anonymous said...

ever since we buddied up with 'vinnie thumbs', we've been getting a few bills back, instead of paying several thousand.

i don't ask a lot of questions and just sign on the lines. lol.

have fun shopping...i'm fainting at the mere though of a tattoo--swooned when i got my ears pierced.