Monday, April 6, 2009


I think I may come to love Mondays.
I used to dread them.
All weekend adult help with the kid, the house and all that.
Then BAM!

Monday the house is empty of all but me and one bored energetic kid.
Chaos surrounds me, TV blasts me with too much sound.
When will it end?
I just want to escape.

Yesterday I looked forward to Monday.
Today I love Monday.
The kid is at pre-k and Daddy takes her there.
I fix her lunch and out the door they go.

Quiet reigns.
I eat my breakfast in peace.
Enjoying each sip of my coffee.
Basking in the peace that surrounds me.

The kitchen is straightened.
Laundry is in process.
Pets are fed.
Beds are made.

She hasn't been gone an hour.
I don't pick her up for another 3 1/2.
Time stretches before me.
And I savour every minute.


Huff Daddy said...

And nothing wrong with that! Only way I get anything done, what pathetically little it is. Enjoy!

Brook said...

Huff Daddy-I am stunned, amazed, taken aback at the difference in my day. I knew, but not really, that it is nearly impossible to get any appreciable amount of anything done with her around. Of course now I am staring at Laundry Mountain, wondering if I dare fold for my shoulders sake but heck-at least she's not here scaling it's peaks!

Nej said...

Hours alone, at home, with no one....just you, your cereal and your coffee.

Wish I lived closer, I'd come fold your mountain of laundry. I remember how frustrating that task is with one wing. :-)

Dark Cloud Nine said...

darn I wonder what I would do without my quiet time...
I am so selfish...
and maybe slightly autistic.

Brook said...

Nej- It is frustrating-I get started and *twinge* I stop. Fortuneately I have a minion who owes me lots of money to do this when I can't. Maybe I'll blog about that one tomorrow.

LOE-I love my alone time and always have. I have always been a bit on the solitary side. Kids take that away and you're so busy you don't notice. But you feel the lack of it. It has barely begun to sink in, that I have this time for me. And to do chores of course, but when those are caught up-get back to making my dollies.

Spellbound said...

I know this does not seem like a parallel but I actually enjoy the weekends my daughter spends in northern Virginia. I adore her, really I do, but she sucks all the oxygen out of the room sometimes.

Brook said...

Spellbound-I get it, my mom gears up for months to deal with us for a week. Oh, and just wait til Thursday. I get it. We all need a little R&R.

The CEO said...

I only have Judy and Jake. I need a vacation from them.

Brook said...

CEO-we all need a little downtime-I don't think you've had any in months. Go out by yourself for yourself-no prescription or grocery or nail clipping runs-just and hour or two away-it really does help.