Saturday, January 3, 2009

What doesn't go together?

Naps and baths don't go together.
Ask me how I know that as I gasp and splutter to the surface.
We had company-beloved, much missed company to be sure-for the past three days. Entertaining is fun but can be exhausting and this time it left me glad I don't have a boy, or multiple young children.
Understand, I love-ABSOLUTELY LOVE-having company, and spend the night company is wonderful. Sometimes I wished we still lived in the days of weekend house parties because I so love it. You all may have figured out that I am a little crazy like that.
When the party's all over and everyone is gone I usually feel a great, quiet pride in myself for conducting the affair so well. Satisfied that everyone had a wonderful time, stimulating conversation, and delicious food. Tired but at the same time thrilled. Especially since the people I love to have visit and stay awhile are my very favorite and my best -to quote Lola of "Charlie and Lola" fame.
However, I forgot that I don't especially like small children.
No, that is not true, I like kids-I just don't like the noise and chaos that small children surround themselves in. Especially since kiddie chaos is expontially multiplied by a factor of at least 3 when more than one kiddie is present. I don't freak out or go ballistic, I just get wound really tight. Like a music box given one turn too many, you just know a tooth is gonna break(actually that has happened to me but that is another story).
So, anyway...
Much visiting, a couple of weird movies, little kid screeches, footballs in the sink, driving winding roads guaranteed to cause carsickness,, running in "high heels"on wood floors, pushing cars at breakneck speeds up and down the hall, one dog scratched face and one bad boy bite on a little girl tummy later I decided to take a luxurious bath and relax.
It worked, I relaxed right to sleep.
Cough, splutter, gag, gack, hack.
Next time I'll just lay down for a nap.

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