Friday, January 16, 2009

Reinventing the Wheel or as I like to call it-POTATO SOUP

So here is another absolutely fantabulous soup recipe that is mine all mine-though in the nature of all good things I am sure there is another soup out there just like it. I don't care cause I totally did this on my own! PS You have to make smashed potatoes first so you have leftovers, so that recipe and one more go first. A three for one deal as it were! This has been really hard to write because these recipes live in my head and hands, not on paper-especially the potato cakes which I learned from watching my paternal grandmother and reconstructed as an adult-which I think are the best recipes anyway.

Smashed Potatoes

Boil in large pot:

3lbs potatoes in salted water
(I use small russets and don't peel or cut them-you do what you like with regards to peels)(boiling them whole and unpeeled reduces the amount of water they take in, I think, and also if you don't want the peel it literally just slips off the potato when they're done!)
4-6 peeled cloves of garlic

When potatoes are easily pierced drain and return to pot.
Using a potato masher-not a ricer or mixer-start smashing.


about 1/2 cup mayonnaise-DO IT!(and NO SALAD DRESSING STUFF)
enough milk to obtain desired consistency, leaving lots of small chunks
salt and pepper to taste.

Now that's a lot of food so save your leftovers to make...

Potato Cakes

In a large bowl combine:
2 cups cold smashed potatoes
I egg
1/4 c flour(use whatever you want, AP or self-rising as I have used both with similar results-I don't know why but it is true)
1tsp kosher salt
1/2 cup milk

This mixture should be quite wet but able to hold a mounded shape in your spoon. It should not be runny- not even like a super thick pancake batter. So adjust ingredients to get the correct consistency.

Heat your largest nonstick skillet( a well seasoned cast iron is great- though if I had one of those double burner griddles or an electric counter top griddle I would use it!) on medium until a drop of water dances on the surface. Using two big soup spoons, drop in about a rounded spoonful of batter and flatten slightly. You've made pancakes by now so you know the routine. Let cook til browned on one side and flip to brown on other side. Roughly 5 minutes per side. To keep warm until they are all done just put them in a sauce pan with a lid under which you have placed a paper towel to catch condensation.
If you have leftovers they can be frozen and reheated in a toaster! They are also super delicious cold and make great snacks.

Now you should have another 2 or so cups of smashed potatoes left. So let's make some...

Potato Soup

In dutch oven fry at medium high:

1/2lb thick sliced bacon chopped
Remove to absorbent paper when crispy.

add to bacon grease:
1 large onion, chopped
3 stalks celery chopped
cook til tender and mostly translucent

2 cups chicken broth
stir and scrape bottom to deglaze your pot

Stir in:
2 cups smashed potatoes
2 cups milk
salt and pepper to taste

bring to simmer and cook about 15 minutes-Do not boil!
Serve with reserved bacon sprinkled on each bowl.

Believe it or not you will have leftovers again and this soup freezes beautifully.

So lets see, that is at least 4 meals for a family of 4 out of one $1.88 5lb bag of potatoes-with 2lbs left for next week! Isn't that incredible!


Huff Daddy said...

Now we're talkin!!!!!! I'm buying some potatoes! Next time I have money.

The CEO said...

I love what you do with potatoes!

Brook said...

I hope you do try it. This soup is good. We are having the rest for lunch today, and btw I made for real baked potatoes with the rest-you know, no foil wrapping just potatoes in the oven at 400 degrees for about 40-50 minutes. Yum yum!