Thursday, January 22, 2009

Brook will now take questions from the floor Fun Tests - The Nerd Test, Version 2.0

Well that was supposed to have a cool graphic but failed. Anyway I am a cool nerd queen, mostly in history and science fiction.

Now then, I have some questions to answer. These are from an interview from WanderingGirl. I will try to keep my answers short, try I say because I am rather long winded and occasionally rambley and know it, so...See there I go again!

1) How in the world did you meet Big Daddy D?

Back in the days when I actually had a job with a paycheck, I worked as a FSR for a large bank. Big Daddy D was a customer of said bank. I was behind my desk the first time he came in,and noticed right away his rather awesome ass. Accordingly I was very helpful, and continued to be so for months afterwards. Yes, you read that right, months. ( I had even called my dad that first day and told him about Big Daddy D-and Dad and I have never really been on speaking terms!) Anyway, as time went on I became more bold and flirtatious, and honestly I am pretty bold and flirtatious anyway so that is saying something. Now part of my job was to work on the teller line if someone was sick, or on vacation-whatever was necessary I did. So one day I was working as a teller, Big Daddy D came in and I decided to go for broke. I mean I pulled out all the stops for this guy and well, when he left without asking me for my # or a date or anything! I turned to my coworker and asked "Could I have been any more obvious?"

"NO, not unless you pulled your clothes off and laid yourself out for him!"

Hm, what to do. I am a pretty traditional gal so asked a few people about the implications of asking a guy out. The consensus was to go ahead and do it, if I really wanted to go out with him.

So, breaking many rules and maybe the law, I used bank information to call Big Daddy D's home # and leave him a message that went something like this, "I will be home until 7:30, if you would like to get together tonight, call me before then."

No phone call, and I waited til 7:31, then forced myself to go to my mom's house.

When I got home he had called me-after 9-hoping it wasn't too late.

Well, I decided to give him one more shot and called him Saturday morning-getting the answering machine again-saying call me by 12:30 or don't call at all. I maintain that I was basically telling him to ask me out, not actually asking him out!

Now I did not know this at the time but in addition to his day job he was working as head instructor at the local martial arts studio and worked Friday nights and Saturday mornings, so I was really putting some serious time constraints on him. Anyway, his brother gave him a heads up and he called me right as I was leaving the house-I was literally on my way out the door when the phone rang and debated for a moment about whether to answer it or not. Well I did and we made a date for that night. We went out and discovered that our tastes in beer and movies were dead on and ended up going back to my house and talking til 3am. Here's the funniest part of the whole story to me, when he finally went out the door I was thinking to myself "is he ever gonna kiss me?" and he was apparently thinking "I like her so much I don't want to mess it up by kissing her too soon." So, as I had already "chased him til he caught me" I thought what the hell, stopped him on the second step(remember I am approximately 15 inches shorter than him), and laid one on him. And the rest is history. From first meeting to first date took 9 months of serious flirting on my part, and well, I don't sometimes call him "Oblivious Man" for nothing!

2) What is one of the defining moments of your life, and what did it teach you?

This one is easy, when I was about 5, we were on a car trip and I realized no matter which way you turn you are always going straight ahead. No matter what happens in my life this lesson has stood me well, I mean really every step we take moves us forward. You can turn left, right or even a 180-but it doesn't matter, you are always going straight ahead. There is no getting away from it so enjoy the scenery!

3) If you weren't a stay at home mom, what would you do for a living? Is that what you would do if you could do anything?

Well, the only other job I would really enjoy and be good at is "Trust Fund Baby", and since I am not anywhere close to that, I am actually quite happy for the time being as a stay at home mom. Oh, and that was a serious answer. I will tell you all about my many job adventures at another time. Suffice to say, I have not yet found anything I would rather be doing-except maybe reading and strangely enough, now writing. Though those are not really easy money makers either.

4) Do you have any recurring dreams?

Yes, usually apocalyptic in nature where in the follow up dreams I am able to make better choices and save those who matter to me. Truly apocalyptic in that the world is on fire, or ice(don't you like that poem?) Oh, well, I wish they were sex dreams but that hasn't happened-maybe tonight! MM, I also had very disturbing recurring dreams as a small child that I remember to this day,and which probably contain the seeds of my adult insomnia. Don't worry-those weren't sex dreams either.

5) Why did you start your blog? Are you worried people you know (other than those you want to know about it) will read it and it will cause trouble?

I started blogging because I have stuff to say and my mom sometimes gets tired of hearing me ramble on for hours-she, unlike me, does work. Seriously. Well, that is part of it but I also wanted a way to talk about anything and everything without worrying about adjusting my comments for the audience. Well, I have found out that I actually want an audience and that I am willing to make some adjustments to keep that audience. However, adjusting and compromising are two different things and I am a person of very little compromise. I have written about that to some extent and will likely do more writing about it in the future. Stay tuned! I am one of those people without much of a filter in most areas, and I know this, if I think it or feel it-I end up saying it. I try at times to be politic, tactful, PC-whatever you want to call it-though many are the times I regret, not what I have said but rather, how I have said it. Not because I lack empathy, quite the opposite really, it because of my empathy that I have those regrets. Actually, typing gives me opportunity to express my thoughts as they come and then go back and shape them to have the effect I intend. So, no, I am not worried about causing trouble with my blog because you can be sure everyone I know has either heard it, or I think they should read it the way I mean to say it! I can keep anyone's secrets except my own, and don't even try. After all "The truth needs so little rehearsal." Babara Kingsolver

And I almost forgot, I think I should offer to interview others, so just say "Interview me!" and I will do my best.


WanderingGirl said...

Great answers! Thanks for playing along.

Derek Croley said...

Sadly, that is exactly how our initial meeting went. I wish I could say that I was suave and deboner- but anybody who knows me at all knows that is in fact not the case.

The CEO said...

I love your answers, I met my wife in a similar way. Seems I was just as oblivious.

Spellbound said...

Lord do you have a sister that would go after my really cute son who is more oblivious than your man, I swear? I point out to him that some girl is all but taking her clothes off and he says, "Oh, I don't think she'd be interested in me."

Brook said...

Spellbound:Well, my sisters are all married or involved(I have 5 btw)so I am currently unable to play matchmaker at this time. I am sure some persistant someone will chase your son until he catches her-isn't that the way it works?