Tuesday, December 8, 2009

This is your Christmas tree
This is your Christmas Tree on performance enhancing drugs
Actually this is what happens when you don't measure and go pick out a tree by yourself without the tall person that you normally use as a point of reference to help you dertermine whether something will be too big or too small or just right. This baby sucked up every strand of lights and every ornament and has a few hungry places that want more. I have not complied. Yet. I have yarn though, and patterns. I may crochet some snowflakes for those places. Yes. That sounds like a lovely idea.
In other news...
Yesterday sucked.
Today is better.
I get my braces off!
You may actually get to see a picture of me smiling!

OH, call me crazy.

Go ahead-it's okay.

We have ANOTHER TEENAGE GIRL in the house.


Her dad is an asshat.

That's all I'll say about that.
Cross your fingers for me/us.
It's shaping up to be one wild ride here at End of the Rainbow.
I'm sure to throw my hands up in the air and scream like a girl for parts of it!


Huff Daddy said...

But that's all part of what makes having a live cut tree special, always different.

I'll send the word out that you are taking in strays. :P

Brook said...

HD-it's freaking huge. The picture does it NO justice. It is as close to the wall as it can get and sticks out 5 ft easily. I think it exploded when we brought it in the door. Of course I should have known when it was hanging over the edges of the roof of my car on the way home shouldn't I?
The stray thing is temporary/ish. And a long story. Not a bad one, just long and sad. Please don't send out the word-unless it's to collect money to feed all these people(YIKES!)

Huff Daddy said...

Well, if I had a teen, I'd send 'em your way just to eat well! :P

One year I had to bolt the tree to the wall it was so tall. The cats would try to climb it and knock it down. I bet it was at least 10' tall. People would come over and ask what the big eye bolt sticking out of the wall was for.

Brook said...

HD-Well, we did have a delicious sausage/onion/potato backwards fondue w/roasted garlic bread last night, sooo...
I can't imagine a 10' tree. Blue started to mess with ours, but one squirt of water in the face(purely chance) and he doesn't even look at it anymore.

Nej said...

Sausage/onion/potato/garlic......my mouth is watering! Will you take ME in????

Brook said...

Nej-come on down, you're the next contestant on...oh wait this isn't "The Price is Right"! Hop on a plane, catch a bus or drive on down-there is always room at the table for a friend! You might want to bring a sleeping bag when you come. =)

Dark Cloud Nine said...

beautiful tree!! oh and the squirt of water?? I SOOO have to try it! my kitties really believe the christmas tree is their gift for the holidays.

Nej said...

We're not doing a tree this year, new puppy is coming home this weekend!!!!

(although we usually don't ever have on, so it probably doesnt' count)


Brook said...

DCN-Thanks! Blue REALLY REALLY REALLY doesn't like the squirt bottle. It works wonders for tables and counters too.

Nej-NO TREE????? Blasphemy! I tried that last year but broke down the week befoere Christmas and got one. New puppies are more exciting anyway I'm sure! Pictures soonest?

Nej said...

I haven't done a tree since my sister and nephew lived with me....he was a year old....he just turned 13. :-)

New puppy pictures will fill the blogosphere as soon as we go out and get his this weekend!!! :-)

Huff Daddy said...

You mean every cat owner isn't armed with a squirt gun or squirt bottle?

We've got one next to the bed, one next to my chair in the living room.

ginstonic said...

I did not see that much difference at first, but then I noticed how the angel on tree #1 barely makes it to the top of the curtains, and the tree is nestled comfortably between the end table and the credenza. BUT tree#2 is angel head & shoulders & body above the curtain and seems to be squashed into the space made larger by lack of an end table.
I am getting a tree this year - just don't know where to put it. And of course we don't really do presents except for the grandrats.
Well gotta go- I have some work (not much, but every little bit helps)

Brook said...

MOm- yup. The thing is huge. I say get one of those little table topper trees and put it on top of the bookshelf. I love you!