Wednesday, December 16, 2009

So you were wondering...

Where I hide the Christmas presents, weren't you?
After I bring them in from the car I mean.
Some people have tons of discipline and wrap them as they get them and store them away or put them under the tree.
Not me.
One of my first paying jobs was wrapping presents at the local Belks store over the holidays and I learned there that if you have all the supplies you need at hand that it is quite possible to wrap 20 presents in 45 minutes or so, so I just wait til I'm done shopping and have a one off wrapping session and shebang I am finished!
Not saying I have 20 presents to wrap.
Its more like a billion.
Seriously, I just went and looked and while my back was turned those things must have started breeding like rabbits.
I did NOT go out and do more shopping.
I didn't.
It may have been someone who looks, acts, sounds, and smells like me- but it wasn't me.
Uh uh.
I swear!
."And just where are these presents multiplying?" you ask yet again.
Oh Right...I was going somewhere with this
Right here!

It looks just like the pile of bags for Goodwill that sometimes accumulates.

Every one's so used to seeing that they don't even wonder what's in the bag.

My brilliance knows no bounds!

*laughing at myself*


Amy said...

i am right there w/ya. Bags of stuff in my closet. There were a few things under the bed that a certain baby duck found-I rehid them deep in the corners of my closet.

I really like the picture. Your smile is beautiful!!!

Nej said...

You're very sneaky, the goodwill bag pile is perfect camouflage!!!!

They say everyone has a twin somewhere. Yours does your shopping for you, lucky duck!

(GREAT smile by the way!!!!! It's grand seeing pictures of you showing it off!)

WanderingGirl said...

It looks like Santa's sleigh overturned in my dining room. Nobody could find their presents if they tried. They would die in the piles.

In other news, the smile is GREAT!