Friday, December 11, 2009


I spent hours creating a hilarious 6 second slideshow of my new grin and fuck all if Blogger won't upload it.

Fuck It!

Anyway, my skin is so fucking dried out from our recent blast of Arctic air and 30mph winds that I have had to resort to a tried and true remoisturizing method from my early childhood days.

You guessed it.


All over my face.

Laugh all you want...



I was gonna take a picture of my non-shiny vaseline smeared self and my new big ass grin but fuck, it ain't gonna happen.
The fucking the battery is dying in my camera and I can't remember where I put the fucking charger either.

I hope you have a great weekend lined up, and before I forget...

Happy Fuckin' Friday Ya'll!


ginstonic said...

Well don't that just fucking beat all?
I am actually feeling very timid about posting an f-bomb for the world to see.
It is very uncomfortable, but what the hey - it is F'n Friday

Nej said...

Oh no!!!! Not the missing charger again?!?!?!? :-) :-)

Smile that new big ass grin, and smear some more vaseline! It's friday!!!!!

Dark Cloud Nine said...

and yet, with all that absence of picture and movie, I still can see your moisturized smiling face, yay!

Victoria said...


Also, yes..Vasaline, Olive oil, Dr. Hurushka's something-or-other(?) oil. Even V0-5 sometimes.

Brook said...

Mom-it does fucking beat all. Friday's the day it seems. Mostly to blow off some steam and be silly just in time for the weekend. Most of the time it works.

Nej-that fucking charger has feet and likes to travel on the spur of the moment. I have smeared and smiled and had a great Friday!

DCN-Yay! is right!

Victoria-Thanks! Some days I think bacon grease would be the best. Of course I'd then have to beat the cats, the dogs, the boys etc, off with a stick. ;)

Victoria said...

No, ANY pork related grease will do (and the others, just tell them to get their own!).

My mom always advises to drink more water, but I'm sorry I don't think that works (fast enough). It was years (that's probably italicized) before I realized that my acne was a reult of my dry skin. So, there you have it. Also Eucerin. It works. I don't know why..

PS: you mom is the coolest. Just sayin'..