Friday, February 19, 2010


  1. Every movie is improved by a pitcher of beer.
  2. When did Benicio del Toro start looking vaguely like Brad Pitt(you had to be there)?
  3. Totally freaked out by number two.
  4. Really glad for number one.
  5. Benicio del Toro has really small hands.
  6. The BUS is an awesome movie device.
  7. Do not even begin to tell me that you are not cultist' of the original "Cat People". Alright already... the second Cat People got me hooked.
  8. If not, you may just suck.
  9. Why do guys like women with strong jaws and major overbites
  10. It's a total dichotomy.Yet it happens all the time
  11. Sophia Loren. Need I say more?Under bite strikes again(alright, alright...Nastassja Kinski is hot)(jeesh)
  12. Hugo Weaving was in this movie!
  13. He did not show enough teeth.
  14. Sean Bean was in this movie!
  15. He must of needed the money.
  16. I mistook him for Ice-T for a moment when they were in the carriage.
  17. Weird(number 16)
  18. OK the Sean Bean sighting is my own invention(I'm tellin" ya whoever he is looked just like the guy!)
  19. This makes that fucking hilarious(searched who's the dead guy in the chair)
  20. I screamed like a girl like all the time(yes I typed like)(and yes there were people laughing at me)(whatever)(I'll blame the pitcher of beer)(ok, it was 2 pitchers of beer but we are home safe)(and I can still type)(suck it!)
  21. GUTS
  23. GUTS apparently make me scream like a girl
  24. It helps to make a list on your fingers when you are watching the movie.
  25. The ending Rocked
  26. I love you guys!(said in true slightly drunk fashion!)
  27. Iinked to EVERYTHING!


Huff Daddy said...

It looks good to me, looks more like the classics than say something like Am American Werewolf in London. Sounds like you enjoyed it.

Brook said...

HD it is classic-not "An American Werewolf in London" at all. I did enjoy it quite alot. It wasn't scary really-they used "the bus" very effectively. And guts. Lots of guts.

WanderingGirl said...

You crack my ass up.

Brook said...

WG I'm glad, I was trying real hard to be funny!

ginstonic said...

Natasha K. was actually in the first remake of Catpeople - the original is a black & white film from the 40's ro 50's. They say the cinematography in the original is fabulous.

Brook said...

Mom I know that, my reference there was rather vague. I was referring to the lead in Wolfman and since I'd been drinking(uh hum)my brain train took off and I followed that train of thought. What's amazing is that I have been able to reconstruct that thought process 36 hours later regardless of the alcohol originally consumed. B and I watched the original a few months ago and it was very good. I think it was on AMC. The remake was the one that got me hooked way back in the 80's when we were still renting the vcr and movies from Curtis Mathis. Seems weird now doesn't it? The renting, not the movies.

ginstonic said...

Yes it is weird, especially considering that VDR's were about a thousand bucks back then. Also weird that a now defunct TV company (they didn't actually manufacture TV's but that is another story) would be the first "Blockbuster" type store. Maybe that is what happened to Curtis Mathis - maybe they morphed into Blockbuster. Have to look that up.

Nej said...

Love you too!!!!!

Brook said...

Nej-I have to read about your weekend!