Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Facebook fun

Brook Tyson Croley Insert my name here is beginning to believe I was a bad cat in a past life. Why else would I not be able to sleep in this one?

about an hour ago · ·
AJ  Huff
insert your name here
and you don't like showers. Makes sense.
40 minutes ago ·
Brook Tyson Croley
Insert my name here
and the ADD combined with equally intense ability to focus, being rather a bit of a hedonist, high maintenance and low key all at the same time. It must be true...


Dark Cloud Nine said...

could not sleep either last night. But I decided to go back to yoga. Wanna go with me? Jeesh Brook, why do you have to live so far away?

Brook said...

Barb I have no idea...there must be forces in the Universe that are keeping us apart. I wonder why?