Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Blue just doesn't get it...

Even though he does have opposable thumbs he figures he's a cat so why bother?

I'm knitting a lace shawl.
I'll show you when I'm done.
It's fun.
PS Don't try and knit lace and watch the Olympics at the same time.
It just doesn't work.
I think my new favorite Winter sport is Nordic Combined. I swear I am hooked! LOVE LOVE LOVE.
(which is why I can't knit lace and watch the Olympics at the same time =)
Life is good.


WanderingGirl said...

Oooooooooooohhhh, he's so grown up and handsome! And so obviously pleased with himself for picking you. :)

ginstonic said...

I've figured it out - Blue is a ral cat and Honey is his avatar.

ginstonic said...

I mean REAL cat

Brook said...

Tif he is "da man" and still growing. He's finally heavier than Opal and regularly searches him out to beat his butt-all in good fun of course.

Mom you're right! But Honey is waaaaay fatter than Blue. I was wondering about the ral- is that a different kind of LOL cat?

Dark Cloud Nine said...

I really thought Blue was knitting. I am disappointed.

Brook said...

DCN I'm just glad that the squirt bottle convinced him that my yarn is not the best cat toy since a catnip mouse.