Friday, November 20, 2009

Orange (you glad it's not a banana?)

Nej responded to an orange challenge and I know I've got at least one good orange photo and more than a few not so good ones, and thought I'd hitch a ride on the theme bandwagon-plus the Kid and I have been saying that silly knock knock joke to each other all week so I feel I must respond due to my "strange things in 3's" OCD compulsions.

Here we go!

Sunset at Wrightsville Beach North Carolina

The most perfect mango I have ever seen or tasted and it came from my Mom's mango tree.

One orange cat with glowing eyes-kindof a freaky thing to see at night



Dark Cloud Nine said...

I love that your orange cat is named Blue :)

Brook said...

DCN-Me too. I love that there are some people who appreciate not only the irony, but also that blue is the complementary color of orange.

Nej said...

Beeeeuuuutiful sunset pic!!!

Brook said...

Nej-isn't it though? I haven't seen as good a sunset as this one since I took this in the Spring.