Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I was wondering...

How many bras are too many?

If you think this is crazy you should see my purse/bag collection.

We won't even talk about the shoes.

Back to the bras. Having been blessed/cursed with rather large hoohas, and ones that definitely need a support group of their own, I am often on the lookout for a bra that fits and fits well. When I find said contraption I do purchase it. Because bras wear out. Especially when they work as hard as mine do carrying around heavy loads for 18+ hours a day. I am so glad that there is a Dillards clearance center near me where I can find those weird sizes(34G) in quality undergarments for a very reasonable price. I am especially pleased with my Freya collection- acquired for about $45 ($400 retail value). One of the pluses of having so many bras is that I have been able to maintain them in pretty good shape since there is a large pool to rotate through. The only downside is hand washing those suckers which can take forever. And then the drying! You know the scenes in old movies where the ladies bathroom is draped in unmentionables? Drying rack to the rescue. Only then it's the kitchen or living room graced with the presence of my plethora of over the shoulder boulder holders.

In other news, perhaps the best news in fact...I HAVE BEEN CLEARED FOR TAKEOFF!
What I mean is it has been okayed for me to return to the gym-as long as I don't do any squats or dead lifts(like I do that kind of stuff hahahahahahahahaha!) and stick to low impact and careful upper body work.

I will figure you out and you will become my new best friend.

But first...a massage!

(Thanks Big Daddy D!)


Nej said...

My ribs and underwire bras just don't get along. I haven't found one that fits yet. :-( :-(

And, because I don't wear underwire, I just throw mine in the washing machine, then the dryer. (I'm so lazy!) :-) :-)

(Also, I went through my shoes and purses recently, and got rid of a ton. Can you believe that?)

Brook said...

My hoohas and softcups don't really get along. I haven't found one yet that fits.
I have a few old worn outs that do just go in the washer and sometimes the dryer.
I can hardly bear to think of parting with any shoes or bags-my acquisative self wants one more of my favs in a different color! So, no! I can't believe it!

Huff Daddy said...

Now this is my kind of post!!!!!!!


Hand washing?

Of the bras?

Well I do all the laundry and that has never happened in this household. Maybe a front loading washer makes a difference? I know the wearer of said bras has never complained to me.

You think that's a lot? You should the collection that I'm responsible for washing.

WanderingGirl said...

I haven't tried a Freya because of the cost... that outlet may be the last straw in getting my ass to your house! Clearly we have shopping to do!!! I'm an underwire girl too. Instead of handwashing, I use bra bags on the delicate cycle (they look like a cylinder and you put them in 2 to a bag) then dry them on a rack. I have a lot of bras too... perhaps a direct reaction to only having 2 or 3 when I was a teenager. Or I just like pretty underthings now!

My wv is "butrit", like you got that but-rit!