Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Just a quick "Hello!"

(The light at the end of the tunnel)

How did a week pass without me noticing?
Things are better here. The pain is mostly gone, though the numbness, weakness and a strange feeling like my leg wants to throw up still plague me.
I am on my way to the kitchen to prepare supper.
Just simple spaghetti and meatballs tonight.
Confession: The meatballs are from the freezer section of my grocery store.
Sometimes you just gotta accept a little help-and it's a step up from Big Daddy D's idea of cooking supper...10 burgers from the dollar menu at Sonic!
The sauce is from scratch at least.

Catch ya later taters!

OOOOH OOOOH OOOOH!!!!!! I almost forgot!
I sold a pair of handwarmers!
I didn't ask for enough moolah but heck-I haven't sold anything in months so I'll take it. And then spend it all on the best bowl of udon and tempura I've had to date-which I did!

Okay, now I'm outta here. I can hear tummies rumbling from here.


Spellbound said...

Hi sweetie, I do catch up with you from time to time although I've had a lot of my own shit going on lately and have been neglectful, I'm sorry you've been feeling so bad and am happy to hear you are better. I had a thing like that with my back some years ago, when I was about your age. I identified with the leg gonna throw up thing especially. It looks like it may be spring before I throw another blog party what with the baby coming and all, but you know you are welcome anytime. Hugs

Brook said...

Spellbound-you know i love you no matter when you check in. Your shit has been deep and stinky and sticky but now you can start the journey out of that pit. Ok, OK, I know you were just stuck at the edge and occasionally dragged into the cesspit but still... That sensation of a body part with no stomach wanting to vomit is unique and hard to describe isn't it? Spring would be nice and quite possibly doable. A baby is so exciting! Another confession-I am secretly looking forward to becoming a grandmother! I know I know. I'm still so very young-but I am done with kids-of the my own sort at least-especially when they eat all the meatballs.

ginstonic said...

Cosmic consciousness (sp?). I sent you something today and I swear I did not see your blog picture label. Even crazier, I just noted the time when you posted this and well let me just say great minds think alike. You'll understand when the mail runs in a day or 2.

Dark Cloud Nine said...

happy to read the pain is giving you some time to think of other things... :) hugs and hugs

Nej said...

I haven't been online to read blogs in almost 2 weeks....and I was surprised to see I'd missed only one post. Soooo glad to hear that the pain is subsiding for you!!!!!

Congrats on the sale, by the way!

Brook said...

Mom-*twiddling my thumbs waiting for the mail* I'll get back to you soon. =)

DCN-Definitely thinking of other things tonight. OMG. More to follow. CRAP!!!!!

Nej-I figured going to Mexico must have been what was slowing you down. And yeah, I have been rather preoccupied trying not to cry 24-7 lately. Takes a lot of time and energy.
Enough about that.
Thanks! WEE HOO! I am so proud of myself.