Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm not right

In the head, I mean.
Because I sometimes think I can do things that, really, I know I can't.
I'm not talking higher math here, just simple things like moving furniture or using the vacuum cleaner.
And then I do them.
So I am really not curious as to how I manage to occasionally incapacitate myself for an entire day.
I do, however, wonder why I insist upon doing other things when I finally get up and running that I know will make me hurt some more.
As for the rest...
Forget about it.
I have knitting to do
.Knittin' with ma kitteh.


Nej said...

Because you're just as stubborn as the rest of us. There's no way an injury should keep us down, we are woman...we are invincible. :-)

Brook said...

Can you hear me roaring Nej? It sounds a little whimpery right now but it's a roar, I swear! Stubborn is exactly it.
And now for something completely different: is a great book. It's not about a woman, but a very nearly evil bad guy who soon will be invincible. It's a rather dry tongue in cheek thing-just the way I like 'em.

Nej said...

That book sounds awesome! :-)

I can hear you roaring...just take it easy (hehehehe) and get that roar louder! :-) I need you all healed when we have to fight the zombies!

Brook said...

Nej you just need me around long enough to trip me as we run away.
You want me to mail you the book?

WanderingGirl said...

Look at Blue's thumbs! I think HE tripped you!

Brook said...

WG you are just gonna have to read my blog again today.