Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Aziz! Light!

I need a light behind or beside my chair so I can work.
I could move a spare but it is a spare because it has no shade.
I do not want to buy a shade.
I want to sit and knit thank you very much.
While I watch Red vs Blue.
The MEGA BUNDLE with every single episode and extras.
Which Big Daddy D ordered.
It has been shipped.
It has not arrived.
Until then...
Aziz! Light!


Geri said...

It is very pretty and very Middle Eastern. Not sure if that is the intent, but it is gorgeous! Good Luck with the light!

Brook said...

Thanks Geri-sadly I have no Aziz so there ya go. It sounds kinda silly I know but knitting and crocheting, hand sewing, all really help me. I like the process and how there is this one thing that I have worked on and when I'm done I'm done and have something to show for my time. Laundry sure as hell does not do that for me. The process is somehow mindless and creative all at the same time and I have been able to connect to others through something completely outside of kids/husband/family/bills etc...

Nej said...

Crap...that's from the darned, oh "5th Element"...right?

Haven't seen that for ages...awesome flick! :-)

Steal a shade from a non-spare that doesn't HAVE to have a shade for right now. I mean, if you need light to do what you love, don't let a silly missing shade stop you! :-)

Brook said...

Nej I did mostly what I wanted to do, which was find a way to share the whole thought I had while sitting in the fading daylight, which was Aziz! Light! Cause it was funny and true. You do have a good point though. Oh oh oh! I could move my chair to a different spot...No, no that wouldn't work. Maybe I could move a lamp that already has a shade... that could work. *looks around* Yes indeed, that could work. You are so full of helpful hints today!