Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm thinking about unpacking my bags today.
Just thinking about it mind you.
I made a major decision last week. I decided to keep the boots. That doesn't sound like a huge thing but trust me it is.
I had been lusting-panting, longing over-these boots. Frye belted harness in chestnut. So as you recall when the IRS and taxpayers everywhere sent us some moolah just for working(hehehehe)I promptly ordered a pair.
From Zappos, not the Frye company itself(I'll NEVER do that again).
What came in the box appeared to be seconds. Now I don't mind buying seconds if the price is right-but I had paid full price for these suckers that had a cut on the shaft, two very different hides had been used(as in the boots looked completely different from each other!) significant scuffing(as opposed to deliberate distressing)and to top it all off the shaft height differed by more than a half inch between the each boot.

I don't think so.
I immediately called the company(Zappos) and to their credit quickly received assurance that a replacement pair of boots that would be individually looked at by warehouse personnel to assure that at least the boots would match each other. Free shipping on the returned boots and on the new pair and a discount for any future orders.
The boots that arrived were...not perfect. The burnishing was not symmetrical. The dye was not exactly even. The grain of the leather did not perfectly match. I am more than a little OCD about some things and symmetry is high on the list. I also have problems with letting go of disappointment when my admittedly high expectations are not met.
This time I took pictures and emailed the Frye company itself. I got a quick reply and offers of personal service in the obtaining of a new well-matched pair of boots.
I would just need to return the other pair to Zappos and get a refund in order to have the cash to buy this other pair.
Then I lost my debit card.
Then the Kid was sick. Again.
General family disturbances and just plain life happening all around me.
Then San Fransisco.
Then Big Girl sick.
Then me sick.
Then off to Sunny Florida for 2 weeks.

Home again and staring me down was this box with my coveted yet disappointing pair of boots inside.

I thought to myself I'll put them on and wear them in the house and just see how it goes. See if they are the right size and all that. Make sure it would be worth the effort of obtaining another pair.

I had a major moment.
The boots are not perfect.
They are not identical to each other.
But they are awesome.
Their leather encasing my calves.
Soft supple.
The little slap against my skin with each step.

I think I'll keep them after all.

PS Do you have any idea how difficult it is to take a full length picture of yourself?


Nej said...

Unless I stare at your picture of the boots, with my head tilted, one eye shut, while standing on my left leg....I can't see the major difference. I mean, I see some difference in the distressing on the toes....but it looks pretty cool to me.

What size are they? If your OCD can't take it, just send them up here to me. (hehehe)

Brook said...

Nej-Yeah I know...can you believe it took me 2 months to get to the point that I was even willing to try them out in the house? Crazy OCD sometimes. And you're right, the differences are not worth quibbling over-especially since I've scuffed them already and I've only worn them 4x. But I have worn them 4x in 7 days so that's gotta tell ya my OCD has caved in a big way.
They are a size 7 btw-if you are thinking of getting a pair get a half size smaller than you normally would-unless your feet are really wide. I could have probably gotten a 6 1/2 and been good-I put a gel insert in these though and they are great! Boot love! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Huff Daddy said...

I have a boot fetish so I must say... very nice.

Nej said...

I'm a boot freak!!! Love boots!!! But, after studying dance for 18 calves are just too big....always have been. Even when I was a size 4.'s wide calf width boots for me...and they are dreadfully hard to find. :-(

Brook said...

HD-well I have worn them to bed so I think you can count me in that group too ;)

Nej-this company(Frye)has many "unisex" styles(like mine for example) and if you know the formula to change your women's size to a men's size, the circumference of the shaft in the men's sizes is a little bit bigger. I've spent hours drooling on my keyboard checking all of them out.

Nej said...

I've shorted out three keyboards from drooling while boot shopping. (hehehe)

Brook said...


Dark Cloud Nine said...

human boots?

Brook said...

DCN-what a loaded question. Seriously.

WanderingGirl said...

You've said shaft like 10 times. I'm still laughing.

They're great boots. And the best part is that the more you wear them the more natural distressing and shiny rubby marks they'll get, until you don't even realize the factory had to put the totally gay fake ones on there to begin with. Then they're REALLY good.

Brook said...

WG-you were counting? Shaft? I LOVE the boots. I have pics. Scuffed already. The beginnining of a beautiful relationship.
*giggle* It is quite late. I should be sleeping.