Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I told myself i wasn't going to...

but I did it anyway.
I played catch-up.
Now I am done.
I need to get to the gym but before I go I wanted to say that I am so glad to be home. I like my house. The rooms are large, it is full of quiet except for the birds singing and the cat purring and squeaking his funny meows.
I still have much unpacking to do and pictures to look at. I have time though. The kid is in summer camp for 2 weeks and I have the mornings to myself again. B is still in Florida, working on a horse farm and will be there til school starts. We are having an additional room built upstairs for the foreign exchange student that will be staying here for part or all of the school year. She is from France and I am very excited that we have this opportunity. Plus now we have 4 bedrooms and some interesting nooks and crannies(smirk-Mom!) that I have definite plans for. Now to just convince Big Daddy D to get his Star Wars collection organized and displayed in a way that lets us both have things just the way we like them-our way*grinning*.
I am sitting here with a smile.
Right! Off to the treadmill!

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Nej said...

Foreign exchange student??? How cool is that?!?!? I always thought I wanted to host someone....but am terrified to do it. I'm way too shy for my own good some days. (hehe)